The Tabletop Gamer Tag

Two weeks ago I participated in the gamer tag about my video game preferences. There is also a Tabletop Gamer Tag floating around the blogsphere and I happened to find it on this blog: It’s More Than Just Gaming. Now that you know my gaming preferences, let’s dive deep into the Bizarre Brunette’s Official Table Top Game Tag. 

Favorite Type of Table Top Game

Cooperative is my favorite. I like being able to pick a character and go through the game together. Some great cooperative games include: Arkham Horror, Pandemic and Letters from White Chapel. 

Favorite Game

Birthday Arkham Horror

Left to right: The boyfriend and my brother playing Arkham Horror. My 21st B-Day Summer 2015

Arkham Horror is my all time favorite board game. I have mentioned this game every chance I get, but I love it that much. This picture that I posted above is my boyfriend and my brother playing this game on our screened in porch. That was my 21st birthday and I was a little tipsy off of my martini I had at dinner. This was one of my favorite memories from that summer.

What game have you played the most?

Without a question Arkham Horror. 

What game do you want to add to your shelf?

Smash Up

Smash Up at River Quest

Smash Up is a game I definitely should purchase for my own collection. I love the cat deck obviously, but I also need the expansions too. It’s really easy to learn and goes by quick. Arkham Horror can take 5-6 hours which I am not always in the mood for.

Favorite Game to Share with Non-Gamers?

Shadow Hunters 2

Shadow Hunters is a great game for beginners. The artwork is inspired by anime which is great for all of your manga loving friends. This game also goes by pretty quick and it’s easier to learn too. In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to share a complicated game with a newbie. This game is simple and fun.

Well-Known Game you haven’t played?

Still have yet to play Munchkin! 

Show off your Game Shelf!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a game shelf. My room at my house at the moment is so small that my games are piled in the most random places. Instead of showing off my shelf, I’m going to show off some board game pictures I took. I tend to take a lot of pictures while playing board games because I like to upload them to my blog and it reminds me of memories while playing the game.

Shadow Hunters

Playing Shadow Hunters at my uncle’s house. My brother owns this game so it wouldn’t appear on my gaming shelf. This is a hunter card and she tries to hunt the demons and other such creatures. Isn’t the artwork super pretty though?

Here Kitty Kitty Game 2

Here Kitty Kitty is another quick game about collecting cats. At the end of the game you earn points based on what type of kitties you collect or what cards you have at the end of the game. It was a fun random night of gaming at River Quest. 

Red Dragon Inn

My last photo is from playing Red Dragon Inn 2 outside. Me, the boyfriend and my friend at the time drank some wine and played this game outdoors. This is one of my favorite memories of Summer 2015.

Link your Table Top Gaming tags in the comments because I would love to hear about your gaming memories.


My Life Lately: Week of February 15th 2015.

This semester has been so busy for me! I have been managing time with my friends, my boyfriend, the gym, club meetings, projects, homework, and studying and I am sometimes astounded at what is on my plate at once. This post is just a nice little wrap-up of my week since my last post.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my roommates which ended up being a nice weekend to just get out of town! I needed new workout shoes because mine was falling apart and I bought these awesome Nike blue and coral workout shoes. They have been fantastic and I have been working out often trying to break them in. I have discovered that waking up at 6:20 in the morning and going to the gym is actually very soothing. Once I get done at the gym and I get in a great workout, I just feel fantastic and that I can tackle my day. I have been doing this every Tuesday and Thursday since I have later classes on those days. It fits into my schedule and I love it!

This past Tuesday, I found out that Spider-Man is coming back to the Marvel universe!! To celebrate, I took a picture with the stuffed Spider-Man that is currently sitting on my desk. Unfortunately, I think Andrew Garfield is out of playing Spider-Man which actually saddens me because I liked him in the role.


The last thing that I wanted to mention was the Electric Forest music festival! It’s a music festival happening in Rothbury, Michigan in June! I bought my three-day ticket pass already which came to around $300. That is expensive, but it’s not just a concert ticket you’re paying for, it’s the memories that will come from that weekend. When my friend told me about this festival, I got really excited. It has an eccentric, mythical feel to it. I am super pumped for this music festival and I am so glad I have found some fun plans for this summer.