Hiking Hills in San Fran

My “mini-moon” series is coming to an end. My first post was focused on the day trip to Disney, my second post was dedicated to LA, and now I’m writing about visiting San Francisco. While planning this trip, I didn’t know much about San Fran. I knew the Golden Gate Bridge was in San Fran, and there were hilly streets, but that was about it. My husband was adamant about spending a majority of our trip in San Fran and I was okay with that. Exploring San Fran was one of the highlights of our trip.

One of the first impressions that I had about San Fran was how walkable of a city it was. Me and my husband walked to a different coffee shop every day to get breakfast and relax before beginning our day. Our first day in San Fran included walking to the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is a historic building in San Fran right along the pier. Inside, there were various coffee shops, cafes, and a bookstore. After the Ferry Building, we took an uber to see the houses in Full House. I never got into watching Full House when it aired in the 90s, so while I liked seeing the houses, I wasn’t blown away either. The houses themselves are neat because it fits into San Fran’s aesthetic with the hills and the houses planted on them. Now that I have seen them, I wouldn’t go see them again.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is going to a local comicbook store and/or game store. After seeing the houses, we walked to a nearby comic book store with a neighboring game store. Comix Experience was the comic book store we visited. It was small shop with a surprisingly big selection of graphic novels. There was a labeled section for comics written by women along with a LGBTQIA+ section. I ended up purchasing the first volume of The Weatherman which I had my eye on for a while. After stopping by Comix Experience, we went to Gamescape which was right next door. This was a game store with a huge board game selection and specialized table for painting minis. I was running out of room in my suitcase, so I only purchased dice. Supporting local stores is incredibly important to me, so I wanted to make a purchase at both stores.

As we explored the various parts of San Fran, we stumbled upon a small museum highlighting cartoons. The Cartoon Art Museum is located near Fisherman’s Wharf and highlights the history of animation and comic art. While me and my husband were there, they had an exhibit about the history of Wonder Woman. There were several older Wonder Woman comics on display along with a prop from the Wonder Woman films. After pursuing the museum, me and my husband made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is massive and it’s incredible that it has existed for so long. We walked the 1.7 miles on the bridge before finally settling on having a celebratory beer at a brewery.

On our final day in San Fran, my husband wanted to go to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is on an island, so we had to purchase our exhibit tickets which included the ferry to get there. Alcatraz was an infamous prison until it was shut down by Robert F. Kennedy in the 60’s because it was too expensive to maintain. Since then, Alcatraz has been historically restored and has become an exhibit to explore. When me and my husband arrived, we were handed a remote that had an audio tour. The audio tour was well worth it. It was easy to follow, and highlighted the experience of both the prisoners and the wardens. Visiting Alcatraz is something I would recommend while visiting San Fran.

I’m glad that me and my husband were able to go on a trip to celebrate our marriage. Europe is still the long-term honeymoon trip, although California allowed us to get away and became our first trip as a married couple. If you have ever been to LA, San Fran or California in general, I’d love to know how your trip went and what your thoughts were about these cities. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Oh Hey LA!

Happy Monday! Before too much time passes, I wanted to write the second post in my “mini-moon” California trip series. My first post was about my trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. As someone who has never been to any of the Disney parks, I had a blast. Before visiting Disney, me and my husband took some time to explore LA and the surrounding areas.

When me and my husband landed in LA, I made a comment about how I didn’t realize LA was surrounded by mountains. That sounds like such something silly thing to say, but I genuinely was surprised. It makes sense considering the Hollywood sign is elevated. As me and my husband landed, we navigated to our hotel. The first place me and my husband visited was In-N-Out burger near Hollywood Blvd. I have never been to In-N-Out, so I never understood all the hype. In-N-Out was delicious! I never knew Banana peppers could appear on a burger. I’m a big fan. I will say I think the fries were okay, it was the burger that solidified In-N-Out’s status for me.

As we finished lunch, we took some time to wander Hollywood Blvd. Wandering through Hollywood Blvd was okay. Seeing the Hollywood stars were fine, but I found a lot of the stars were dirty, so they became hard to read. Additionally, it was extremely bright outside, so I found myself staring at the stars trying to read them. One highlight of Hollywood Blvd was the Funko Pop store. Me and my husband had a lot of fun roaming the store and taking pictures with the lifesize figures.

One place that my husband wanted to go see was the Griffith Observatory. It’s an observatory high above downtown LA and it’s a great place to take photos. The view was well worth the drive and the Uber cost to get there. Me and my husband took many photos and selfies with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Besides downtown LA, me and my husband took a trip to Santa Monica. Santa Monica was one of my favorite places to visit while staying in LA. Santa Monica pier is right along the Pacific Ocean and there’s so much to see. Me and my husband walked along the pier including taking a pit stop to drink some fruity cocktails. As me and my husband walked along the beach, I felt we could truly experience the California culture. There were skate parks everywhere, surfers carrying their surfboards, and street performers selling art or dancing to music. We took some time to watch the skateboarders and saw a kid who couldn’t have been older than six years old skating around. Santa Monica is easily a place I would love to come back to.

I’m glad I was able to visit LA and the surrounding cities. I will say, I enjoyed the surrounding cities more than LA itself. I do think part of that is because we visited more tourist spots in LA versus trying to find areas that were where more locals would hang out or recommend. If I were ever to go back, I’d like to stay in Santa Monica or not right in the heart of LA. My next post will be summarizing San Francisco and it will be the final post in my California “mini-moon” post series.

My First Trip to Disney

All last week, I was in California with my husband. While our full honeymoon trip will be to Europe sometime next year, we still wanted to take a trip to celebrate our marriage. As we were debating where to go, we decided on California because both me and my husband have never been. I plan on writing three posts for this trip: one for Disneyland, one for Los Angeles, and one for San Francisco. I decided to write about Disneyland first.

Growing up, my family never did a Disney trip. It was expensive and when my dad passed away, my mom had to focus on raising me and my brother. As such, a Disney trip was the least of our family’s priorities. When me and my husband planned a trip to California, I made it clear that I wanted to go to Disneyland. Me and my husband stayed in downtown LA, so we planned on taking the Amtrak train from LA to Anaheim. It was so slick. The Anaheim Union Station was only ten minutes from the park. We arrived at Disneyland around 8:15 AM to wait in line.

The first thing I noticed entering the park was the Spooky decorations. I was in love with all the pumpkin Disney characters that lined the park. Any Halloween enthusiast like myself would love the park during this time. Me and my husband ended up taking various selfies of the pumpkin characters as we didn’t want to wait in line for a professional photographer to take our picture. As we entered the park, we sprinted for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as we wanted to do this first before it became busy.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was mesmerizing. Immediately upon entering the park, I ran to Kylo Ren’s TIE Echelon ship and forced my husband to take my picture. The ship looked like it came out of the movie and was on display at the park. After staring at Kylo’s ship, we meandered to the life-size Millenium Falcon. To no one’s surprise, I ran over to this ship and again politely asked my husband to take my picture. The Millenium Falcon ride was epic. We were with a family of four who fought over who got to pilot the ship, so me and Grant took the less coveted positions of engineer. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into making a realistic Star Wars theme park, and it shows.

As I walked around Disneyland, I was debating what I wanted to purchase as a souvenir. I had way too many t-shirts, and I wanted something that I could look at to reflect on my trip. I ended up settling on pins. At the Disneyland souvenir shops, they sell lanyards with collectible pins. Pin trading is a big deal where you can trade pins with people at the park. I liked the concept of this because I could hang my lanyard on the same hook as my other convention badges. I already had a special place in my head as to where this would go, so I knew this is what I wanted to purchase. I purchased pins that represented a movie or franchise that held a special place in my heart. This included pins from Hercules, Monster’s Inc, Belle, Star Wars, and Inside Out. Since getting home from our trip, the lanyard is exactly where I wanted to place it. I can look upon it and reflect on my time at Disneyland.

Once 1:00 PM hit, we were able to park hop over to the Disneyland California Adventure park. This park features the brand new Avengers Campus. One of my husband’s biggest complaints was not being able to buy a beer. However, once entering Disneyland California Adventure, we were able to purchase cocktails at Pym Test Kitchen. My husband was happy. Avengers Campus was fun! We didn’t ride any of the rides as the Guardian’s of the Galaxy ride was one of the drop rides and I’m not a fan of heights. We did get to see a brief show of Spider-Man climbing the buildings. I think Avenger’s Campus has a lot of potential to grow into something bigger than it is right now.

While Avenger’s Campus was neat, I did like Pixar Pier. Pixar Pier as it sounds is where most of the Pixar-themed rides are. The ride I see most often on social media is Toy Story Mania! where you sit in carts and shoot things. This was one of the longer waits we had for a ride, however, it was worth it. Of course, my husband scored more points than me. I blame this on his experience playing first-person shooters. Once we hit Pixar Pier, me and my husband were exhausted and soon after we ate, and left the park.

Disneyland was everything I hoped for it to be. It was seeing my childhood coming to life along with reminiscing on various Disney or Pixar movies that meant a lot to me when I was younger. I’m fortunate that after this long pandemic, Disneyland was my first trip out of 2020 and it was worth the wait.

Becoming a Bodmer – October 2nd 2021

Mitchell Ringness Photography

I wrote a post summarizing general life updates which included marrying my husband earlier in October. I wanted to lump everything wedding related into this one post versus writing multiple posts. If you’re more of a fan of my geeky content, this might be the post to skip since it’s more of a life update post. However, I was able to incorporate some geek aspects into our wedding.

Saturday was a partly cloudy day with 70-degree weather. Our party arrived at Four Daughter’s Vineyard & Winery at 10 AM. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t on edge for most of the morning. Being a bride, I had gone through in my head what could go wrong. A vendor doesn’t show, a guest arrives who forgot to RSVP or I forgot to bring something to Four Daughters. As the morning went on, I started to feel at ease. The hair and makeup artists I picked did a great job. I went with PrimpedMN who specializes in onsight hair and makeup services. All my bridesmaids looked stunning. As we were getting ready, we were blasting music in the getting ready area while the hair and makeup team worked. The hair and makeup artist were dancing along and talking with us which helped create the fun getting ready environment.

Besides the hair and makeup team, our floral arrangements were fantastic. Fox and Fern Floral made floral arrangements that gave off a rustic feel. All the flowers were locally grown. Me and my husband aren’t huge flower people, so we didn’t want flowers everywhere. There was a floral arrangement on our arch that was so beautiful and helped create the Fall wedding I was dreaming of. All the wedding bouquets were beautifully arranged. My bouquet was huge! It got heavy carrying it after a while. Our florist did such a great job.

As the morning ticked by, it was time to get ready for the ceremony! I put on my dress and it fit perfectly. Our ceremony began at 3 PM and because the weather was nice, we set up in the middle of the vineyard. As I reminisce on this part of the day, I think about how it was a blur. I remember lining up with my brother as he was the one to walk me down the aisle. We waited for our special song and then we started to walk.

Our ceremony was about 10 – 15 minutes long. As me and my husband planned our script, we knew we didn’t want to stand in front of everyone for a long time. I have been a guest at weddings where the ceremony was 30+ minutes. I remember feeling impatient. I didn’t want my guests to feel this way plus short and to the point can be just as special as a longer ceremony. There was a brief hiccup in the ceremony regarding poem readings, but once we got through that, everything was smooth. Me and my husband kissed, signed the paperwork, and walked down the aisle hand in hand, ready to begin our lives together.

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour for our guests while we took pictures. It’s nice because Four Daughters has these garage doors that open out which allowed us to set up yard games and guests could wander the vineyard during cocktail hour. Once we finished pictures, it was time for the grand entrance. Me and my husband were adamant about doing the grand entrance. With some convincing, I was able to get my husband to agree to march into our dining hall with the Doctor Who theme song. When me and my husband first started dating, Doctor Who was the first show we watched together, so it has a special place in my heart. Once we sat down, dinner began.

The other highlight of our meal choices was the dessert! We went with Nothing Bundt Cakes I wanted cupcakes versus a wedding cake because I thought they were small and cute. We had several flavors including pumpkin, red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate. They were a hit. Everyone I talked to said the cupcakes were decadent. Cupcakes were the perfect choice in my book because we ordered enough where our guests could try multiple flavors. Plus we had a few kids at our wedding who would probably eat more than one.

Dancing began at 7 – 7:30 PM ish after me and my husband had our first dance. We danced to Everything I Need by Skylar Grey. My husband picked this song from the Aquaman movie with Jason Momoa which I felt was fitting for us since we are big DC Comics fans. The song was beautiful and our DJ did a great job at setting the tone. We went with Ever After Entertainment for our wedding. Brent was our DJ and he did a great job. Once our first dance was done, Brent continued the energy all night long. He even played a Harry Potter version of “Like a G6” because he knew how much I loved Harry Potter. He made our night extra special and took us into account when picking songs.

Throughout the night, we had a photo booth for guests to take pictures. Of course, I made sure to have Harry Potter specific props available. We even had late-night pizza prepared for the guests who stayed with us all night. Finally, the garage doors stayed open into the night so guests could cool off in between dancing. Once midnight hit, it was time to pack up and end the night. I remember going to sleep at 1:30 AM and having the best night of sleep in a long time.

My wedding was everything I wanted it to be. It was special for us and I’m glad our most important guests were able to attend. Me and my husband have been together for seven years, and now we start to celebrate our forever. I became a Bodmer on October 2nd, 2021 and I’m so glad I did.

Married + Visiting Disneyland! Life Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I have written a post. I’m glad to be back as I don’t foresee any barriers to writing regularly again. I enjoyed my break and not feeling bound to pre-writing posts every week. I wanted to share a couple of life updates now that I have had time to unwind.

Wedding Bliss

On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, I married the love of my life at Four Daughter’s Winery in Spring Valley, MN. This was a long time coming. Me and my now husband became engaged on May 4th, 2019 which was both Star Wars Day + Free Comic Book Day. During the wedding planning process, we decided to get married in 2021 which allowed us to be stress-free during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. It was partly cloudy, Fall colors were showing, and we were able to get married outside in the middle of the vineyard. My husband is my life partner and I’m thrilled to make it official.

Visiting Disneyland

Me and my husband are planning a huge honeymoon trip to Europe next year. We wanted to wait to ensure that we wouldn’t have to quarantine for two weeks. I still wanted to go on a trip to celebrate our union. We planned to fly into LA, stay a few days in San Francisco, and I wanted to spend at least one day in Disneyland. This will be my first trip to Disneyland, however, my husband has been to Disneyworld a few times. I’m planning to spend extra time at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge along with visiting the newly opened Avenger’s Campus. I have also heard Disneyland during Halloween is all decked out with pumpkins this time of year. As someone who is a big fan of Halloween, I’m looking forward to seeing a Spooky version of Disneyland.

Back to Reality

I’m relieved to be done with wedding planning. Both me and my husband have spent long hours crafting the perfect Fall wedding, so it’s been a nice feeling to be done. I have been spending my time catching up on Critical Role, reading spooky books, and playing video games. I’m looking forward to campaign #3 of Critical Role premiering towards the end of October although I’m not halfway through campaign #1. I’m currently reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix and I’m into it. I’m playing through Lego Harry Potter and plan to move on to Fary Cry 5 once I’m done. It’s been nice to focus on my interests and happiness versus the wedding.

I’m excited to be back writing regular posts again! I have missed spending the time writing posts and I look forward to catching up on what I have missed.

Go Pack Go – Touring Lambeau Field

Last weekend, me and my fiance drove to Green Bay, WI for a wedding. Green Bay is in the North-East part of Wisconsin and it’s somewhere I had never been to before. With my fiance’s family living in Wisconsin, they are all big Green Bay Packers fans. The Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field which is a pretty historic Football stadium. Me and the fiance decided to schedule a tour of Lambeau before attending the wedding. For someone who isn’t a major Football fan, the tour was pretty interesting.

The stadium was HUGE. Our tour guide said Lambeau was the fifth largest Football field. Before stepping on the field, there were several pieces of artwork our group passed. This included a piece of art depicting the “Ice Bowl” The Ice Bowl was a Packers game in which the windchill was low and players were freezing as they watched the game. Lambeau is an outdoor field that has its benefits and drawbacks including the potential for snow. Another piece of artwork featured bicycle wheels. It’s a tradition that Packer players when starting training camp ride-on children’s bicycles. This has been a famous tradition due to kids biking to see the Packer players train during the off-season. There’s a lot of history tied to the Packers that I wasn’t aware of. It made touring Lambeau feel more like a museum than a sports stadium.

During the tour, we could walk around the field to at least see what it looks like from the player’s perspective. I think this was my favorite part about the tour. Me and the fiance lucked out because we had great weather on the day we toured. It led to some cute pictures of us that the tour guide took.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a Football fan yet I thoroughly enjoyed the Lambeau field tour. It was something fun to do while we waited for the wedding to start and it was great exercise walking the stadium. I may never be a fully devoted Packers fan, but I can at least respect the history of the team and why so many people are passionate about their home team.

Planet Comicon Haul

For Planet Comicon, I set a budget. I knew if I didn’t set a budget for myself, I would overspend. Before the convention, I pulled out $100 in cash and told myself that I would only spend this much unless I saw anything I had to have. While roaming around the con, I made mental notes on anything I wanted to revisit. This allowed me to stick to my budget and purchase merch I was satisfied with. I wanted to share my haul from the con.

Plume by K. Lynn Smith Volume #1

This was my first purchase of the con. I’m a big fan of K. Lynn Smith and her work in comics. I helped back For Goodness Sake on Kickstarter which is a series I adored. Smith is mostly recognized for her webcomic, Plume which exploded in popularity. At Smith’s booth, she had the omnibus of Plume along with each printed volume. I decided to purchase the first volume to see if Plume is a series I would be interested in.

Hufflepuff Windbreaker

Not Topic is a fashion & collectibles online shop selling merchandise primarily from Harry Potter and Supernatural. I saw that Not Topic had these Harry Potter windbreakers featuring the Hogwarts houses. I walked by their booth several times but wanted to hold off from making a purchase. Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the Hufflepuff windbreaker especially because I don’t have a windbreaker in my closet. The attendants at the booth were kind enough to let me try on the windbreaker before purchasing. I ended up with a medium. I have broad shoulders thanks to years of upper body weight lifting, so it’s tough for me to fit into a women’s small. The medium fit me perfectly. I did check Not Topic’s website and I didn’t see that any of the Harry Potter merchandise was licensed by Warner Bros.

Unstable Unicorns & Llamas Unleashed

My final purchase was at Teeturtle’s booth. I had been eyeing purchasing my copy of Unstable Unicorns after playing it at a game night with friends. Unstable Unicorns is a game that’s perfect to bring to a brewery because there isn’t a lot to set up along with being easy to teach to friends. I bought the NSFW (not safe for work) edition. Along with Unstable Unicorns, I also bought Llamas Unleashed. I have no idea what the game is about, I saw it and wanted it because who doesn’t want a game featuring Llamas?

Attending Planet Comicon meant a lot to me. In addition to being able to go to a con post-2020, it was nice to be able to support smaller businesses and creators.

Attending My First Convention Post-2020

Last weekend, I drove to Kansas City, MO to attend Planet Comicon. This was my first convention since Covid hit back in 2020. Before the pandemic, I attended C2E2 in February right before lockdown began. This trip was a bit spontaneous as I only planned it a couple of weeks prior. While I understand the pandemic isn’t over, I felt this was worth the risk. I was vaccinated, wore a mask the entire time, and tried to limit the time I was nearby people. I felt Planet Comicon did the best they could and I was grateful that this con was able to run. If there’s anything I missed in 2020, it was conventions.

Planet Comicon required masks. I didn’t see anyone take off their mask or wear it down to their chin. It seemed everyone took the mask requirement seriously. The only other improvement I could see was Planet Comicon could have required vaccinations. I brought my vaccination card in case someone wanted to see it. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect everyone including the immunocompromised. I know Lollapalooza required vaccinations or a negative Covid test, and I wish PlanetComicon did this as well.

My favorite part of Planet Comicon was the photo ops! There was a display of Predator, a Lego Baby Yoda, and the Ghostbusters were there with the Ecto-1. There were cars from Supernatural, however, I had to pay extra for that and I’m not a big fan of the show. I had a fun time running around taking photos and endless masked selfies. I will say, I found myself taking fewer pictures of cosplayers. I think the pandemic had something to do with that. With the masks, it’s more difficult to go up to someone or get their attention. I had more than enough fun hanging out by myself and doing what I wanted to do.

I would say the only disappointment was the lack of panels. I like attending panels because it allows me to sit down and relax. I walked 17,500 steps on Friday! I did sit in on the Star Wars Costuming panel about putting together Star Wars cosplays, but nothing else in the programming caught my eye. After spending my cash, I ended up leaving early because I didn’t see anything else worth staying for.

Reflecting on Planet Comicon, I’m thrilled that this was able to happen. I felt hopeful for the future of conventions. I felt so happy waiting in line and walking around the show floor. Conventions are my happy place and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Taking Time to Unwind

One of my weekend plans was going to my friend’s Harry Potter themed Bachelorette party! It was at my friend’s cabin.

This past weekend, I had no plans. This was the first weekend where I could do what I wanted whenever I wanted. Planning a wedding has made my weekends more unavailable much to the surprise of no one. It’s gotten to the point where I started to feel mentally drained. I would get off of work, eat dinner, work out and then spend an hour or two browsing Instagram. It felt like I didn’t have the energy to read, play Animal Crossing or watch Critical Role. This weekend helped lift my spirits emotionally, mentally, and physically.

One thing I did this weekend was finish a book I was reading. I read The Shadow Mission by Shamim Sarif. This is the second book in the Athena Protocol series. It felt amazing to be able to spend my day reading without interruption. It allowed me to fully commit and become enamored with the characters, the setting, and the action sequences. I went through a reading slump recently, but now this weekend allowed me to get back into my books. My TBR pile is slowly shrinking.

Besides reading, I watched a couple of movies. On Friday, I saw The Suicide Squad which rocked. It was the first movie I saw in theaters before the pandemic. I’m going to write my review shortly. I also watched a documentary recently released on Netflix called Pray Away. Pray Away is about gay conversion therapy and the history behind it. It also features a couple of stories from the survivors. One of the stories brought me to tears. It’s an emotional documentary, and I would highly recommend it.

Finally, I installed some new video games to play. On my PS4, I bought Far Cry 5 and Lego Harry Potter Re-mastered. For the PC, I installed Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and Death and Taxes. I wanted something else to play besides Animal Crossing.

This is a reminder to check in with yourself. I needed a break from all the plans I have upcoming. I feel so much better and more equipped to launch into my plans. From now until our wedding on October 2nd, I don’t have any more free weekends, wish me luck!

Do Outgoing Introverts Exist?

In any personality quiz, I have taken, it always asks if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. This is always tough to answer. I like being social and hanging out with my friends. However, I need to recharge. If I’m too social or have too many jam- packed social weekends, I find myself mentally exhausted. Both introvert and extrovert doesn’t seem to fit my personality. After reading Donovan’s blog post “It’s Time to Get Rid of Introverted and Extroverted” I wanted to talk about my experience with labeling myself as either an introvert or an extrovert.

High School Mariah wearing a Band t-shirt. circa 2011

In high school, I was shy. I was insecure about every single part of myself. I wasn’t sure who I was and I didn’t feel confident in how I looked. I still needed a social recharge now and then. I would often stay home on Fridays and watch movies with my mom because I needed a break from socializing at school. When I reminisce about this part of my life, I would have labeled myself as a shy introvert. I always thought that someone’s personality can’t change throughout their life, but this isn’t something I still believe in.

Freshman year of college – Fall 2012

Once I graduated from high school, I went to college. Going off to college is where I was able to shine. I was able to fully explore hobbies, meet new friends, and confront some of my insecurities. I dated someone who wasn’t right for me, and after realizing this, I ended things with that person. It was empowering for me to take control of my life and recognizing what I fully wanted from a partner. I started meeting friends with similar interests to me and this led me to become more social in college. While in high school I labeled myself as a shy introvert, now I would rank myself as an outgoing introvert.

Some find the use of labels comforting, but I’m the opposite. Trying to fit introvert, extrovert, shy, outgoing, etc. into my personality feels a bit overwhelming. I’m a unique person where I feel opposite terms apply to me. I wish we would get rid of introvert and extrovert because I think they aren’t full-encompassing personality terms. I feel very similar to Donovan and how they describe these terms. I would highly recommend reading their post that I have linked above because it resonated with me enough to write my post.

Do you think introvert or extrovert are labels you use? or do you think that these are wholly unnecessary?