The Tabletop Gamer Tag

I found this tag from a blog I follow, It’s More Than Just Gaming. I have been playing more board games recently, so I thought it would be fun to complete this tag.

Favorite Type of Table Top Game

Cooperative is my favorite. I like being able to pick a character and go through the game together. Some great cooperative games include Arkham Horror, Pandemic, and Letters from White Chapel. 

Favorite Game

[Picture shows two people. My boyfriend on the left and my brother on the right. My brother is showing my boyfriend how to play a board game. There's a board out in front of us with several pawns on the board. There are rules off to the left on the table]
Left to right: The boyfriend and my brother playing Arkham Horror. My 21st B-Day Summer 2015

Arkham Horror is my all-time favorite board game. I have mentioned this game every chance I get, but I love it that much. This picture that I posted above is of my boyfriend and my brother playing this game on our screened-in porch. This was one of my favorite memories from that summer.

What game have you played the most?

Without a question Arkham Horror. 

What game do you want to add to your shelf?

[Image shows two card decks. One has "Mr. Grumpers" which features a cat on it similar to Grumpy Cat. The right deck says "Secret Agent" and has two women seated next to a man in a tuxedo"
Smash Up at River Quest

Smash Up is a game I definitely should purchase for my own collection. I love the cat deck obviously, but I also need the expansions too. It’s easy to learn and goes by quick. Arkham Horror can take 5-6 hours which I am not always in the mood for.

Favorite Game to Share with Non-Gamers?

[Image is a board of the board game Shadow Hunters. It shows a swirl pattern where the pawns are moving towards the middle. There are three piles on the board "discard, hermit and black discard"

Shadow Hunters is a great game for beginners. This game also goes by pretty quick and it’s easier to learn too.

Well-Known Game you haven’t played?

I still have yet to play Munchkin! 

Show off your Game Shelf!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a game shelf. My room at my house at the moment is so small that my games are piled in the most random places. Instead of showing off my shelf, I’m going to show off some board game pictures I took. I tend to take a lot of pictures while playing board games because I like to upload them to my blog and it reminds me of memories while playing the game.

[Image is of a card from the board game shadow hunters. The name of the woman on the card is Ellen and she is listed as a hunter. Ellen has a long braid down her back.]

Playing Shadow Hunters at my uncle’s house. My brother owns this game so it wouldn’t appear on my gaming shelf. This is a hunter card and she tries to hunt the demons and other such creatures. Isn’t the artwork super pretty though?

[Image shows plastic cats in orange, white and black laying on a table]

Here Kitty Kitty is another quick game about collecting cats. At the end of the game, you earn points based on what type of kitties you collect or what cards you have at the end of the game. It was a fun random night of gaming at River Quest. 

[Image shows a board game placed on stone. It shows a board with the deck "Eve The Illusionist" on it]

My last photo is from playing Red Dragon Inn 2 outside. Me, the boyfriend and my friend played this game outdoors.

I linked the tag at the beginning paragraph, so feel free to complete it if you’re interested!

10 thoughts on “The Tabletop Gamer Tag

  1. Some excellent choices. Arkham Horror was one of my first big games, and as coincidence would have it, I got the last expansion yesterday (Curse of the Dark Pharoh). Will be doing an unboxing video soon. (I have all the rest but didn’t bother with Miskatonic University as it just has cards and I can get them trhouh an app if I want). Pandemic is brilliant. Red Dragon in is great. You’d probably enjoy flashpoint (firefighting coop) and thunderbirds (Same maker as Pandemic, but with Thunderbirds)


  2. Ooo I think I’ll have to do this tag! I have yet to play Arkham Horror! We have Eldritch Horror which is super fun, but sometimes can be WAY too long (also, kind of our own fault for starting late at night sometimes haha.)


  3. This was great fun to read 🙂 You need to play munchkin, as I’m sure many people have told you 😉 It was my first step into tabletop games and as long as you have a good group of people it’s great fun!


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