My Life Lately: Week of February 15th 2015.

This semester has been so busy for me! I have been managing time with my friends, my boyfriend, the gym, club meetings, projects, homework, and studying and I am sometimes astounded at what is on my plate at once. This post is just a nice little wrap-up of my week since my last post.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my roommates which ended up being a nice weekend to just get out of town! I needed new workout shoes because mine was falling apart and I bought these awesome Nike blue and coral workout shoes. They have been fantastic and I have been working out often trying to break them in. I have discovered that waking up at 6:20 in the morning and going to the gym is actually very soothing. Once I get done at the gym and I get in a great workout, I just feel fantastic and that I can tackle my day. I have been doing this every Tuesday and Thursday since I have later classes on those days. It fits into my schedule and I love it!

This past Tuesday, I found out that Spider-Man is coming back to the Marvel universe!! To celebrate, I took a picture with the stuffed Spider-Man that is currently sitting on my desk. Unfortunately, I think Andrew Garfield is out of playing Spider-Man which actually saddens me because I liked him in the role.


The last thing that I wanted to mention was the Electric Forest music festival! It’s a music festival happening in Rothbury, Michigan in June! I bought my three-day ticket pass already which came to around $300. That is expensive, but it’s not just a concert ticket you’re paying for, it’s the memories that will come from that weekend. When my friend told me about this festival, I got really excited. It has an eccentric, mythical feel to it. I am super pumped for this music festival and I am so glad I have found some fun plans for this summer.

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