My Life Lately: Week of February 15th 2015.

This semester has been so crazy busy for me! I have been managing time with my friends, my boyfriend, the gym, club meetings, projects, homework and studying and I am sometimes astounded at what is on my plate at once. This post is just a nice little wrap up of my week since my last post.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my roommates which ended up being a nice weekend to just get out of town! I needed new work out shoes because mine were falling apart and I bought these awesome Nike blue and coral work out shoes. They have been fantastic and I have been working out very often trying to break them in. I have discovered that waking up at 6:20 in the morning and going to the gym is actually very soothing. Once I get done at the gym and I get in a great workout, I just feel fantastic and that I can tackle my day. I have been doing this every Tuesday and Thursday since I have later classes on those days. It fits into my schedule and I love it!

Two days ago, I held the second Harry Potter Club meeting. Yes, my university has a Harry Potter club and I am the president. I have been president for almost a year now. I got involved through a couple of people I got into contact with. I have been a Harry Potter fan ever since I could read a book. Harry Potter is the one thing that really has deep meaning to me. It reminds me of my family especially my father. Anyway, being involved with the club is so awesome and it’s cool to say that I am in charge of it. For the meeting, we decorated coffee mugs. I have never actually done this before, but it’s super simple. I bought a coffee mug from Target and I bought oil based sharpies. You can’t use regular sharpies as they fade off the mug. You decorate the mug using the sharpies and then bake the mug for 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This allows the decoration to stick on the mug. I love my Harry Potter mug! I included some pictures of it, but this is super simple to do and pretty cheap.

DSC01422 DSC01423 DSC01424

Tuesday, I found out that Spider Man is coming back to the Marvel universe!! So to celebrate, I took a picture with the stuffed spider man that is currently sitting on my desk. Unfortunately, I think Andrew Garfield is out of playing Spider Man which actually saddens me because I liked him in the role.


The last thing that I really wanted to mention was the Electric Forest music festival! It’s a music festival happening in Rothbury, Michigan in June! I bought my three day ticket pass already which came to around 3oo bucks. That is expensive, but it’s not just a concert ticket you’re paying for, it’s the memories that will come from that weekend. To me that is worth the price. When my friend told me about this festival, I got really excited. It has a very eccentric, mythical feel to it. I really want to dress up in orange and red color and wear a floral head band and just let loose, camp and enjoy the wilderness and the music. I am super pumped for this music festival and I am so glad I have found some fun plans for this summer.

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