Justice League Review

Honestly, I have always preferred DC Comics over Marvel. Marvel makes excellent movies, but DC Comics has superheroes I enjoy reading about. With the failure of Batman vs. Superman, I was worried about how good Justice League would be. Wonder Woman was everything I wanted it to be and more, but that didn’t mean Justice League would be on that level. I am happy to say Justice League didn’t suck, it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it has potential to grow into something better.

Spoilers. ūüôā







Justice League sets the scene in the darkness of Gotham where Batman finds one of Steppenwolf’s parademons. Batman soon realizes that shit is about to go down, so he calls Wonder Woman to help him form the beginnings of the Justice League. Batman recruits the Flash which has been detailed in the movie trailer while Wonder Woman meets with Cyborg. Eventually the League teams up to stop the destruction of the earth and bring Steppenwolf to his knees.

My first positive thought I had was noticing that Superman’s suit is brighter in this movie. It’s refreshing to see Superman becoming more aligned with his comic counterpart. He’s funny and his priority has shifted into saving lives instead of destroying whole buildings like in Man of Steel. The after credit scene with Superman and the Flash racing each other to the Pacific Ocean was lighthearted and helped me appreciate Justice League more. Speaking of the Flash, Ezra Miller didn’t do too bad in the role. When the announcement hit the internet of him being in Justice League, I was skeptical. I love Grant Gustin on the CW TV show and Ezra didn’t seem to be right. Ezra’s portrayal of the character was geeky, goofy and overtly klutzy which worked in the film.

Can we take a minute and talk about that after credit scene? Holy Shit Deathstroke appeared!!!!! He is one of my favorite comic book villains and I wasn’t expecting him to be at the end. It’s a perfect tie in to the solo Batman film.

Ultimately, Justice League is a flawed, but fun film to see on the big screen. Many other internet bloggers and movie critics are slamming Justice League for a variety of reasons. However, I wanted my review to be all positive because I loved Justice League and I’m glad it wasn’t awful.


Barbara Gordon; my favorite superhero.


Barbara Gordon is one of my all time favorite comic book characters.¬†She’s young at heart, she’s extremely intelligent and I admire that she’s a computer hacker. She cares immensely for Bruce and she was a great role model for disabled characters in comics. I’m enraged at how Barbara’s story is being told in multiple movies and games.¬†I’m writing this post as a disappointed fan who knows Barbara deserves better.

I consciously thought about writing this post after I finished playing¬†Arkham Knight¬†on a Saturday night. As I play the game, I watch vividly as Barbara is kidnapped. I cruise through Gotham trying to find her because I’m sad she was kidnapped in the first place.¬†After punching, kicking and running Scarecrow’s men over in the Batmobile,¬†I find Barbara. She seemingly “kills herself” after being exposed to Scarecrow’s gas, but she ends up being alive. Too bad she is only in the game for maybe an hour. I will say though that there is a fun part where Barbara will hack certain objects to help Batman in the finale, which was really epic!!

Oracle 2.jpg

The¬†Killing Joke¬†is another story that really throws Barbara’s character in the trash. I understand it’s based off the Alan Moore comic and Barbara is paralyzed and stripped nude by the joker. It wasn’t necessary however, to add more footage of Barbara and Batman having sex. Like what? Batman has always been a guardian to Barbara and it was way too weird to throw this random sex scene in. Barbara is sexualized for no reason at all.

I would love to see Barbara written still disabled, but with a back story that doesn’t involve violence by a man. Maybe Barbara has an illness, maybe it’s an injury, but eliminating that back story and still keeping her in a wheelchair is fantastic.¬†Birds of Prey is one of my favorite volumes and gives Barbara the story she needs. I also like Bab’s Tarr’s artwork with the new Batgirl, but she isn’t in the wheel chair.¬†Hopefully, that story is told later, because we need to see more disabled characters in comics.

The Killing Joke is an abysmal portrayal of Barbara. I will say Arkham Knight did get better with how Barbara ends up helping out the Batman. Hopefully DC comics can see the hatred they have caused in the community and are willing to give me a decent Barbara Gordon story. It will be worth every penny.



Suicide Squad: Fun and Problematic.

Last weekend, I was one of many who paid for a movie ticket to see Suicide Squad. This was the summer movie that looked the coolest and the most fun to watch. I hoped that this would be the epic showdown DC needed to relaunch their movies. Unfortunately, Suicide Squad is far from perfect. I loved watching it in theaters, but I had some problems with the final outcome. That being said, I wanted to quickly recap what I loved and just despised about this movie.

Adored. . . 

  • Harley Quinn! I was initially taken back by her outfit, but I thought Margot Robbie was the perfect choice! She had Harley’s accent nailed down and her demeanor as well.
  • The Suicide Squad soundtrack! I love every song including “Wreck Havoc” and “Gangsta” The soundtrack is fun and really upbeat. I included some of the songs on my workout playlist and I can’t wait to lift to the soundtrack.
  • Viola Davis was the perfect choice for Amanda Waller. The film does a good job at establishing her character and her brutality.
  • The appearance of the Flash and Batman! I didn’t expect the Flash to apprehend Captain Boomerang, but I thought it was a nice addition to the movie to help prep the launch of Justice League. 

Problematic. . . 

  • Where was Katanna in the movie? She barely talked and maybe had two fight sequences. Seriously Katanna is such a cool character with the sword that captures souls. There should have been more of her, shame on you DC.
  • Killing Slipnot was incredibly stupid. Why introduce the character in the first place? They could have demonstrated the effect of their bomb on a dummy or something, but no let’s throw the only Native American actor in the film under the bus because why not?
  • Rick Flagg/June Moon/Love Story is kinda silly.
  • The movie felt like a Deadshot and Harley Quinn movie instead of a Suicide Squad movieThey introduced characters who didn’t have a presence in the movie, like Killer Croc and Katanna *see above*

One of the biggest excuses I hear is “Oh the movie was two hours there was no way to introduce that many characters”. Why include that many in the first place then? Also let’s take a look at Guardians of the Galaxy.  Guardians introduces characters I was unfamiliar with and one of the characters only speaks three words throughout the entire film. There is no excuse that Suicide Squad couldn’t have done the same thing. DC has a long way to go with their movies, but I’m still going to be in the front row of every film hoping that this one will be faithful to comics and the fans.