Justice League Review

Honestly, I have always preferred DC Comics over Marvel. Marvel makes excellent movies, but DC Comics has superheroes I enjoy reading about. With the failure of Batman vs. Superman, I was worried about how good Justice League would be. Wonder Woman was everything I wanted it to be and more, but that didn’t mean Justice League would be on that level. I am happy to say Justice League didn’t suck, it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it has the potential to grow into something better.

Spoilers. 🙂

Justice League sets the scene in the darkness of Gotham where Batman finds one of Steppenwolf’s Parademons. Batman soon realizes that shit is about to go down, so he calls Wonder Woman to help him form the beginnings of the Justice League. Batman recruits the Flash which has been detailed in the movie trailer while Wonder Woman meets with Cyborg. Eventually, the League teams up to stop the destruction of the earth and bring Steppenwolf to his knees.

The first positive thought I had was noticing that Superman’s suit is brighter in this movie. It’s refreshing to see Superman becoming more aligned with his comic counterpart. He’s funny and his priority has shifted to saving lives instead of destroying whole buildings like in Man of Steel. The after-credit scene with Superman and the Flash racing each other to the Pacific Ocean was lighthearted and helped me appreciate Justice League more. Speaking of The Flash, Ezra Miller didn’t do too bad in the role. When the announcement hit the internet of Ezra being in the Justice League, I was skeptical. I love Grant Gustin on the CW TV show and Ezra didn’t seem to be right. Ezra’s portrayal of the character was geeky, goofy, and overtly klutzy which worked in the film.

Can we take a minute and talk about that after the credit scene? Holy Shit Deathstroke appeared!!!!! He is one of my favorite comic book villains and I wasn’t expecting him to be at the end. It’s a perfect tie-in to the solo Batman film.

Ultimately, Justice League is a flawed, but fun film to see on the big screen. Many other internet bloggers and movie critics are slamming Justice League for a variety of reasons. However, I wanted my review to be all positive because I loved Justice League and I’m glad it wasn’t awful.

10 thoughts on “Justice League Review

  1. I will see the film on thursday if all goes well. I already expected this film not to be perfect anyway (but then again which film is), so something like that really doesn’t bother me. Glad the movie doesn’t suck, and I know it will be entertaining enough for me to enjoy it😀 Looking forward to it. Great post! 😊


  2. (Spoilers ahead)I attended this movie with low expectations, born from Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. I had some hopes given that Wonder Woman was a good movie and I like batfleck. I came away not blown away but not disappointed. I wasn’t keen on Aquaman’s style of speech nor was i a huge fan of this version of Flash. I did like batman. I did like that aquaman was appropriately powerful. I loved the cameo of a green lantern in the movie, and yes, the appearance of Deathstroke was awesome. Good review. Nice to see DC getting it’s game on after so many misfires.


  3. Going to go see it tonight, Ive been avoiding reviews from major publications. Read all the way to “SPOILERS” lol. I actually thought Batman V Superman was enjoyable but a major mess. I look forward to seeing Flash and Aquaman in action finally.


      • ok I saw it and then read the rest of your review. I have to say I was actually surprised by how good it was. Mainly because so many people wrote it off as poor. It was painfully obvious that it had two directors and poor pacing. But otherwise I enjoyed it. WW was badass as usual but Flash was my favorite. Aquaman was cool but I look forward to his solo movie for him to really showcase his powers.


      • Me too! I was skeptical when I first heard about this movie being made. It’s flawed, but ultimately not a failure. I actually thought the Flash was good. I didn’t think Ezra Miller was a good choice, but he wasn’t bad. The solo Aquaman movie will be so bad ass.


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