Free Comic Book Day – Haul

May is arguably the geekiest month of the year. With May the Fourth and Free Comic Book Day, it’s such a busy month in geek culture. I always celebrate Free Comic Book Day because why not? I love not planning out what I’m looking for and instead showing up to comic book stores and finding cool items that I didn’t know I needed. I stopped at two local places: Mind’s Eye Comics and NerdinOut. Mind’s Eye is one of the best local comic book stores. It’s always relaxing to show up and shop for comics. NerdinOut is more toy focused which isn’t my cup of tea, however, I like that they have pinball in their store. This would be a great place to take kids if you wanted to shop for comics and keep the kids entertained. I wanted to share my Free Comic Book Day purchases from the day.

Punchline Issues #1 – #6 – T. Howard, B. Howard, Melnikov, and Guerrero

[Image features six comics and their covers. The first one is prominently displayed while the other five are back beneath the first issue]

When Punchline was first introduced, I feel that she got a lot of hate right away. I think fans thought of her as the next Harley Quinn. I don’t know much about Punchline, so I figured reading these six issues will be a good introduction to her character.

Suicide Squad Bad Blood – Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas

[Image is a comic cover. The title is "Suicide Squad Bad Blood. There are several people on this cover who are rotated throughout the image. Most of them look extremely menacing]

I love The Suicide Squad. This shouldn’t be a surprise since I tend to cosplay the Harley Quinn looks from the Suicide Squad movies. I love the chaos that the group brings and how these supervillains are forced to work together to do something good. I’m not exactly sure what Suicide Squad Bad Blood is about, but I’m automatically intrigued.

Sana Starros Issues #2 & #3 – Ireland, Pérez Sanchez-Almara

[Image is a comic cover. It shows a woman holding a blaster with a green robe / cape. In the background, it shows a woman wearing a pilot helmet.]

Sana Starros is one of Doctor Aphra’s biggest allies. Unfortunately, I fell behind in the Doctor Aphra comic series. I do intend to catch up one day, but I’ll probably have to pick up the trades versus the single issues. Sana is a character that was introduced early on, but there isn’t much known about her, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that Sana has her own series. I’m looking forward to reading this despite missing out on the first issue.

Darth Vader Black, White, Red – Aaron, Kirk, and Fajardo Jr.

Star Wars Lando – Phillips, Lopez, and Fabela

[Image is of two comics. One is Darth Vader, Black, White, and Red. It's showing Darth Vader with his red light saber in a shadowy hallway. The other comic on the right is Star Wars Lando. It shows some of the guards in Hutt's palace looking menacingly at the reader]

More Star Wars comics! This shouldn’t be a surprise since I tend to purchase more Star Wars comics and books this month than any other month.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 – Lanzing, Kelly, Walker, and Hollingsworth

[Image features five characters. One is prominently on the cover on the left side. The other four on the bottom right corner. It looks like they are in a desert]

It must be the hype from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being released this month that made me purchase this comic. I haven’t seen Vol. 3 yet, but this issue will keep me entertained until then.

This was a much bigger haul than I anticipated. It’s funny because normally I have a small stack of the Free Comics, but this year, I ended up not picking up any of them. I found myself reading through the Free Comics and donating them a month or so later. I figured I’d save space on my comics shelf for all of my purchases instead. Feel free to post in the comments which comics you picked up on Free Comic Book Day!

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