Darrington Press aka. Critical Role at Gen Con!

Gen Con is in three months and I’m getting more excited as it gets closer. Event registration is coming up shortly, so I’m looking forward to signing up for demos and other events that Gen Con is hosting. There are so many vendors to see and one that I have had my eye on is Darrington Press. Darrington Press is a subsidiary of Critical Role, so it’s basically Critical Role’s board game publishing company. In Darrington Press‘s most recent announcement, they address that they will be at Gen Con this year.

In watching the announcement, Darrington Press will be at Gen Con as it sounds like they are promoting a new game called Queen by Midnight. Queen by Midnight is a deck-building game where players take on the role of princesses trying to outlast the night and become the new Midnight Queen. The game itself looks stunning. I love the clock design and how the time is set throughout the game. Deck-building games can be a hit or a miss for me, but I think Queen of Midnight has a lot of potentials. I hope that there will be demos of the game either as an event at Gen Con or at the Darrington Press booth.

In the above announcement, Matt Mercer did address that Critical Role isn’t doing a live show this year. Honestly, it makes sense. Critical Role has gotten so big and I don’t think there would be a venue at Indianapolis that would hold everyone who wanted to see their live show. Additionally, that must be a lot of work for the cast to organize and they probably want to promote more of their side gigs which include Darrington Press.

I’m looking forward to seeing Darrington Press at Gen Con. I would love to demo Queen by Midnight as it seems like an interesting concept and the art in the game looks so pretty. I’m counting down the days to Gen Con even though it will be here before I know it.

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