Cosplay – What’s Next?

One thing that I’m thrilled about is how I have gotten back into cosplay. Cosplay was something I put on the back burner for several years, which is sad because I genuinely enjoy it. This year, I have been more strategic in the cosplays that I have put together and planning out conventions in the future. I wanted to share a little bit of what’s next as far as conventions, cosplays, and geek events in the future.

[Image is a woman posing in a red dress, blonde wig, and red lips]

Regarding conventions, the next convention that’s coming up is Minnesota Con. Minnesota Con is a new convention happening on June 2nd through the 4th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Since this is a new convention, it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. The same weekend as Minnesota Con is Des Moines Con. I would love to go to both conventions on the same weekend, but realistically, I’m not sure if that will work out. One of the best ways I find out about local conventions is through Twin Cities Geek Convention Guide I have it bookmarked in my bookmarks bar and I reference it quite often to figure out which event is coming up next.

As far as cosplay, I have been mulling around what cosplay would be fitting to do next. Part of me was drawn to a gender-bent Peacemaker cosplay since Freddie Stroma is appearing at Minnesota Con this year. I still think cosplaying as a Splicer from Bioshock would be fun. I haven’t definitively come up with the next cosplay yet. With that being said, with Minnesota Con coming up in June, I do want to have an idea narrowed down within the next week or two to ensure that I would have everything I need in time for the convention.

It’s funny because this post is titled “Cosplay – What’s Next” and I don’t even answer the question of which cosplay I plan on completing next. I’m sure other cosplayers must feel this way where it’s so easy to be indecisive. There are so many cosplays I want to do and such little time to do them all. I will say that even though I’m not exactly sure what I will cosplay as next, I’m looking forward to the future as there are many conventions that I will be attending coming up.

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