Animal Crossing meets Disney in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Back in 2005-2006, I used to play an online game called VMK. VMK, also known as Virtual Magic Kingdom, was an online multiplayer game that I used to play all the time growing up. I loved being able to explore Disney park, customize my character and go on quests in various areas of the game. When I heard about Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, it reminded me of VMK. I decided to try it out because it’s available on Xbox Game Pass.

Dreamlight Valley opens with the player being dropped into Dreamlight Valley. Dreamlight Valley looks a bit creepy with these magical thorns overgrowing everywhere. As explained by Merlin, an event called the Forgetting had Disney and Pixar characters forgetting who they were. They retreated into the castle leaving the rest of the land to be desolate and lonely. Merlin tasks the player to help save the land and clean it up a bit.

Dreamlight Valley relies a lot on quests. There are several quests that are tasked by several of the big players. As you complete tasks, you can level up. I love games where I can level up my character, it feels so rewarding for all the time devoted to playing. As a big Animal Crossing fan, I like being able to customize my character and my house. One of the first tasks I completed was helping Scrooge McDuck open his shop. From there, I purchased a rainbow gaming PC and a dress for my character to wear because why not.

I didn’t realize the game isn’t out yet. This is apparently the early access version which you can play if you have access to Xbox Game Pass or if you buy a Founder’s Pack edition of the game. I would love to see more mini-games that could be played to earn coins, gems, or other things to craft with.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of potential and I’m curious if any changes will be made to the game by the time it releases in 2023.

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