The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

To get into the mood for Fall, I had a few books on my TBR that I specifically picked out for the months of September and October. I have had The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling on my TBR since last year. I originally planned on reading this book last year, but with getting married and going on our mini-moon, I ran out of time. The Ex Hex was right up my alley, it’s the perfect book to read leading up to Halloween.

Vivienne Jones is heartbroken. As such, she drinks vodka in a bubble bath contemplating her former relationship with Rhys Penhallow. As a joke, Vivienne’s cousin Gwyn helps Vivienne cast a curse on Rhys. They both laugh it off as they clearly didn’t intend for a curse to actually be placed. Nine years later, Rhys returns to Graves Glen, Georgia, and finds that he’s fallen under a bit of bad luck. Vivienne slowly comes to terms with the fact that Rhys is still as charming as ever, but also that her curse actually worked.

Vivienne and Rhys had great chemistry together. I liked Vivienne as a character, she’s intelligent and I love that she teaches courses at the local college in town. Rhys is written as a bad boy type, but there is a lot more to his character including how he doesn’t agree with his father and the way he does things.

Besides the characters, I liked the way the curse was described. I think it would have been way too easy to let the curse fall to the wayside to support the main romance. There was a lot of thought into what type of curse it was, how to break it, and why Vivienne was able to cast it in the first place. It also ended up revealing some backstory into Graves Glen which I really enjoyed.

I’m a little shocked that The Ex Hex has an average rating of 3.55 stars on Goodreads. That feels too low. The Ex Hex was such a fun read and I’m already looking forward to re-reading this again. I rated The Ex Hex five stars on Goodreads.

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