She-Hulk (2022)

SheHulk: Attorney at Law has been getting a lot of hate online. Currently, the show is listed with an average 2.2-star rating on Google. I don’t know much about She-Hulk as a character, so I’m not exactly sure how comic book accurate the TV series is. After watching all episodes on Disney+, I think She-Hulk isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. It’s not my all-time favorite Marvel series, but I think it’s a fun show to watch as long as you don’t go into it trying to nitpick every scene.

She-Hulk stars Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany) as she navigates her stressful job as an attorney. In an unfortunate accident, she is exposed to Bruce Banner’s (played by Mark Ruffalo) blood. As such, she transforms into She-Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, She-Hulk retains her identity and controls her transformation at will. She tries to return to her regular life, but it’s quickly revealed that she has powers. Now that her powers are known, Jennifer is struggling to find anonymity and protect her privacy.

As mentioned, I don’t think She-Hulk is a bad show. I like all the guest appearances from Wong (played by Benedict Wong), Bruce, and Abomination (played by Tim Roth) who was in Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk movie back in 2008. I watched the latest episode which features Madisynn King (played by Patty Guggenheim) and she’s a funny addition to the series.

When I read about She-Hulk and hate online, I usually see two types of arguments. The first is the idea that the series hates men. There’s a scene from episode #1 when Bruce and Jennifer are talking about anger and being in control. Jennifer makes a comment somewhere along the lines of how being a woman in the world always prompts anger and fear. When I watched this episode, it didn’t pull me out of the watching experience as I didn’t think this comment was out of line. I think this was added because Jennifer is a lawyer and one of her co-workers is sexist which is why Jennifer would think this. To me, it didn’t feel out of place.

The second argument I see online is bashing Megan Thee Stallion’s guest appearance. If you watch the episode, everything makes sense. Jennifer’s co-worker, Dennis Bukowski (played by Drew Matthews) is fooled into thinking he’s dating Megan The Stallion when really it was a shape-shifting elf from New Asgard. In one of the after-credits scenes, Megan Thee Stallion is showing Jennifer how to twerk. I’m not following the backlash, I think the after-credits scene is entertaining. It’s supposed to be fun and lighthearted. If I had to guess, I think viewers were looking for a more serious She-Hulk series whereas this series is more about Jennifer having fun with her powers and how they mix with her life as a lawyer along with being single and dating.

Honestly, I like She-Hulk. I’m curious to see how the show will play out especially with a potential cameo from Daredevil.

7 thoughts on “She-Hulk (2022)

  1. Review bombers are the most cowardly of the invertebrates. There are things I’m not over-the-moon about with this series, but it’s fun. I’m looking forward to the next episode, so that says something.


    • Megan Thee Stallion’s guest appearance was ridiculed and I thought it was great. Plus the twerking part wasn’t even in the full episode, it was in the bonus extra credit part and I thought it was funny especially because She-Hulk is her lawyer now.


  2. I love this actress ever since I saw her in a film as a kid and thought she out-shone some of the adult actors, then Orphan Black which blew me away. I love a good series based in a comic book or graphic novel, even if it is a tad cheesy (The Flash springs to mind) because it’s ‘cozy TV’. Signed up for Disney so I could watch this, The Mandalorian and lots of Pixar/Disney films through Autumn/Winter.


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