New Girl & the Importance of Individuality

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New Girl promo poster. 

This was the first time having a four day weekend in my professional career. My prior job I had to work on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Besides playing the Sims 3, I have been watching a lot of New Girl. New Girl is one of the most binge worthy sitcoms I have ever watched. One crucial takeaway from watching the show is the importance of individuality.

Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, is the quirky lead of the show. She moves in with three male roommates after she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her. Nick, Schmidt and Winston give Jess realistic advice while Jess allows the men to feel more comfortable with who they are as people. Plus Jess and Nick have this “will they or won’t they” relationship and I want to see them get together!

Jess’s personality may seem over the top, but I appreciate how she’s always herself. Her male roommates will tease her constantly over it, but Jess hasn’t ever backed down or been less of herself. As much as I pride myself on being comfortable with who I am, I have my moments. For example, I was working at my new job and I was telling me team how much I love Harry Potter. Let’s face it: it was a fangirl rant of how much I love Harry Potter in 30 seconds. When I thought back to this moment, I felt regret. Regret because I don’t want my new coworkers to think I’m weird. However, I don’t want to be someone I’m not and obsessively loving Harry Potter is an aspect of my personality.

In these last five years, I have grown immensely as a person. Yes, I have become more confident in myself, but the insecurity is there. I wish I could eliminate it, but I’m not sure if I can. Watching New Girl allowed me to realize how I’m not alone. We all have a component of ourselves that’s a little “weird” and we shouldn’t feel ashamed. I would highly recommend watching New Girl as it’s made me feel better about myself during this holiday season.

12 thoughts on “New Girl & the Importance of Individuality

  1. Being a little “weird” is what makes all of us the same, yet different. Everyone has that one thing they fan out over it! And I loooooove New Girl!


    • For sure. I think it’s funny when you’re interacting at work and not everyone is as “geeky” as you are. Sometimes it makes me insecure with myself. New Girl is so great. I’m only at season #2, but I have so much more to watch!


  2. Everyone has their thing, whether it be sports, nerd/geek stuff, makeup, or crafting. I love discovering that thing that people people are passionate about, they just light up! I’ve never really seem New Girl, but I think I’m going to have to give it a try!!


  3. I need to rewatch this show. I used to watch it all the time when it first came out, but then somewhere along the way I fell off, but I really enjoyed it!


  4. Jess’ quirkiness, though maybe a little annoying and over the top at times, didn’t mean she wasn’t a good person. She had friends and was so outgoing and confident. Her quirkiness allowed her to be a great teacher and great roommate to three guys who needed that spirit in their lives.


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