Friendsgiving & Being Sensitive Around the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we are all thankful for. I’m thankful for having a family who respects me and encourages me to be my best every day. However, it’s crucial to be sensitive of how we talk about this holiday. Family members can be abusive or judgemental and it’s okay to not want to spend time with them. Sometimes this holiday gives this forced impression how our family is by blood, but there’s also chosen family as well.

Friendsgiving November 23rd 2019 2.jpg

Friendsgiving 2019. 

Last weekend, I celebrated friendsgiving with a group of us. All of the ladies sipped on our glasses of wine, played party games and talked amongst the group. It puts into perspective how beneficial my friends are to my wellbeing. They allow me to vent while still giving me advice I need to hear. I’m fortunate to say my friends accept me for who I am and allow me to grow as a person.

Friendsgiving November 23rd 2019.jpg

Happy Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving can be tough for many because of a loved one who has passed on. My dad has been dead for 13 years and I have noticed myself being more emotional this time of year. I know I would feel a sense of loneliness if most of my family members have passed on.

My purpose for writing this post is to promote being sensitive around the holidays. This includes not assuming everyone you meet has the best family / home life. Offer to host a friendsgiving for those friends who are struggling. There’s no reason we can’t make someone’s day by being kind and inclusive.




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