Goliath Games Unboxing

Goliath Games Unboxing.jpeg

My Goliath Games Box. Photo taken by me. 

This is my second board game unboxing, but this time it’s from Goliath GamesWhen I secured my Gen Con press badge, I scheduled a time with Goliath Games to test out some of their newest party games. I was super impressed with the selection Goliath Games had to offer and they were kind enough to send me two of the games I played at Gen Con with an additional game in the box. My plan for these games is to take them to a brewery and play them with my friends. Here are the games Goliath Games sent me.

Goliath Games Unboxing 3.jpeg

Virus, Side Effects and the Misery Index. Photo taken by me. 


Virus: The Contagiously Fun Card Game

Goliath Games Unboxing 6.jpeg

Virus the card game. Photo taken by me. 

This is the game I have never played before. An experimental virus has escaped from the lab and players need to stop this contagious virus. However, a fun twist to the game is being able to infect the organs of other players with this virus. The first player with four healthy organs wins the game. I’m all about the dark humor within this game of infecting other healthy players to stop the virus. This game can be played with 2-6 players ages 8+. Virus can be purchased through the Goliath Games website or contact your local game store to see if they can order the game for you.

Side Effects: The Guessing Game With an Extra Dose of Absurdity

Goliath Games Unboxing 4.jpeg

Side Effects. Photo taken by me. 

I first played this game at Gen Con and it was hilarious. Imagine combing charades with drug side effects and that’s what this game is. All players are participating in a clinical drug study for a new drug set to be released. Of course there will be side effects. This game is played in two player teams. The first player is the test subject while the second player is the lab assistant. The first player has to get the second player to guess a word while performing two drug side effects simultaneously. When I played this game, I had to get my partner to guess the word “Tuesday” while making kissy faces and making goat sounds. For the record, my goat impression was second to none. I did pretty good as my partner was able to guess four words in a minute and thirty seconds. This is the perfect game to bring to a housewarming party because it’s going to get everyone laughing hysterically. This game requires 4+ players ages 13+. Side Effects can be purchased on Amazon for 24.95.

The Misery Index: Life Events on a Scale from Zero to Miserable.

Goliath Games Unboxing 5.jpeg

The Misery Index. Photo taken by me. 

This game is based off the wildly successful The Misery Index show on TBS. Hosted by Jameela Jamil from the Good Place, this game show forces players to rank events based on how awful the situations are. This is the card game version of this TV show. Each card has a scenario on it with a number from 1-100. One being pretty tame to one hundred being absolutely horrendous. Players have to rank the cards based on how awful the scenario would be. When I was at Gen Con, I had to rank these three events: getting caught masterbating by your mom, drinking a vomit milkshake or eating worm spagetti. Players get points by correctly sorting the events in correct order of being the most miserable. A couple of the other misery cards include: flat tire, pepper spray in the eyes and smelling like a fart for the rest of your life. Misery Index is for 2+ players ages 14+. The Misery Index can be purchased at Target for $17.99.

I’m thrilled to introduce these games to my friends. Goliath Games is a great game company and many of these games would be great for friends who aren’t hugely into board games in general. Once I rip open the wrapping on these games, I will be posting my in depth review of each game. Goliath Games can be found on their website and social media including: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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