Hogwarts was Breathtaking.. Universal Orlando Trip Recap

It’s been about two weeks since my last blog post, but I’m back! Two weeks ago, I attended a table top gaming convention and then a couple days later, I flew out to Orlando on vacation to see Universal Studios along with Islands of Adventure. Life has been a little off kilter, however I had the most amazing weather in Orlando and it was refreshing to be able to escape the harsh Minnesota winter.

Me and Mom and Butterbeer.jpg

No one else I would rather share a Butterbeer with. ❤ 

What inspired our trip to see Universal Orlando besides being huge Harry Potter fans was due to my mom’s retirement gift. When my mom retired from her employment after 38 years at the same company (longer than I have even been alive), they gave her a $500 Universal gift card to spend at Orlando and at Harry Potter World. It was a very generous gift which my mom took full advantage of after buying two wands, a couple t-shirts and a deathly hallows bracelet. I ended up purchasing a Luna Lovegood wand, a Harry Potter thermos, an Avengers tank top and a stuffed Niffler which is pretty good because I stuck to my budget.

Hogwarts Castle.jpg


Seeing Hogwarts up close and riding the Hogwarts express brought me to tears. My dad was the one who brought home the books to read as a family and he would have loved to been able to see the world of Harry Potter brought to life. I also had a chance to ride the Escape from Gringotts ride in Diagon Alley which was thrilling. I’m not a roller coaster person, but the visuals were enough to make you feel as if you were in this part of the movie with the characters.

Duff Beer.jpg

mmmmmmmm… Beer………

Besides all of the Harry Potter/Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley parts, I also had a blast at the Simpson’s section which allowed me to fully indulge in a Duff beer. The Simpson’s ride was a little too bumpy for me and I was glad the ride was over otherwise I probably would have puked. The Revenge of the Mummy ride was another favorite of mine along with the rides on Marvel Island in Islands of Adventure.

Hogwarts Castle 2.jpg

What beautiful weather. !

This vacation has been one to remember. It gave me enough of a break from work where I’m excited to get back to a routine again. The Harry Potter book series represents a huge part of my childhood and I’m grateful I had the chance to visit the theme park. Chances are, I will be back to visit as they are adding a Hagrid themed roller coaster, but for now, I’ll have my wand displayed in my room to remind me of all the fun I had this past week.

Before I conclude this blog post, I wanted to share what’s to come on Bizarre Brunette.  Next month, I’ll be attending C2E2, which is my first time attending this convention in Chicago. I’m also planning on writing a post about un-boxing all the comics I received from Mad Cave Comic Studios to write and review. Sitting in my queue are eight different blog posts waiting to be written, but I’m up for the challenge.


17 thoughts on “Hogwarts was Breathtaking.. Universal Orlando Trip Recap

  1. I’m glad you had fun! Being there is about as close as we’ll ever get to Hogwarts, eh? I went to HP world a few years after it opened, but I really want to go back, especially since they’ve added stuff.


  2. I went to Universal about 4 years ago and loved it! I almost held up the line in Hogwarts cause I was just holding onto the walls like sobbing cause I was so excited to be there, haha. Sounds like you got some awesome stuff, I also got Luna’s wand cause she’s my favorite :]


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