Dark Ages Campaign Session #2 Murder House

You know 2019 has started off right when you realize you have been playing more D&D. Last weekend, our gaming group headed over to our friend’s apartment for our Dark Ages session #2 with our characters. You can read our session #1 recap in this blog post I made last month. I will say Althaea accomplished more in this session than in the prior session which made me super happy.

After sleeping off the fight with the barbarians, our characters awake in an ice prison underground with no memory on how we got there. There’s a tunnel about 50 feet down which goes deeper into this ice prison. Thankfully, one of our character’s has a rope where we climb down and start looting the corpses which are scattered everywhere. Muglupus (the boyfriend’s character) is a dwarf who spends most of his time building a tunnel to find an escape. Suddenly, the floor beneath us breaks and one of our characters drops into a sewer facility where she has to fight three rats.

It takes Althaea a little while to get down there, but she comes to aid to fight these massive rats. As a side note, three giant rats sounds horrifying to come across. After the defeat of the rats, we realize they weren’t actually intending on attacking us, they were running from a massive Aragog size spider. This is where Althaea is the true MVP in this session. I decided to grab my two ruby encrusted daggers attached to my hip. I held the handles in both hands and ran up to the spider intending on cutting off the two spider’s giant limbs. I ended up rolling a critical success. Althaea went for the two limbs, but ended up sliding underneath the spider and cutting off all its limbs. I’m just imagining that scenario in my head and it makes my character look like such a bad ass.

The spider quickly dies and I’m able to steal some of the spider’s fangs and now my daggers have venom on the blade. After traveling underneath the sewer we pop up in the Doctor’s office of the village we were staying in. The Doctor’s office contained several vials believed to be a mix of poison and medicine. Also included in the Doctor’s materials were his journal admitting on experimenting on the citizens living in the town. Our characters decided to poison both the Innkeeper and the Doctor for what they did to the citizens in the town. After revealing the truth at a town meeting, we decide to save the Doctor from the poison and let the town deal with him. We end our session by running towards a monastery and camping with Rose, a friend we met in the village.

Our next session will be this weekend because we may have to skip the month of March due to everyone’s obligations. I was really satisfied in this session and I feel rejuvenated in where the campaign is going.

If anyone has any D&D campaign stories to share, please feel free to leave it in the comments section.


5 thoughts on “Dark Ages Campaign Session #2 Murder House

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Have been doing more DnD myself recently, only yesterday playing a Tiefling Warlock. That was a lot of fun. In our session we had 7 zombies, 5 skeletons and 2 characters going to death saves. Witchbolt got one of the skeletons, whilst Eldritch Blast got another and three zombies…and our rogue (down to zero HP…oops- but on the plus side, looks like the sophisticate tiefling is also the hardcore damage dealer…) Look forward to the next part and I may well be sharing some DnD posts soon too as I am starting a campaign soon


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