Playing in the Dark Ages New D&D Campaign

Toward the end of December, a good friend of mine created a group Facebook group regarding a D&D campaign he wanted to start. It was going to be set in the Dark Ages with 5e mechanics. The boyfriend had never role played before, so this would be an exciting opportunity to introduce D&D to him. We had our first session yesterday complete with Moscow mules, pizza and snacks. I briefly wanted to recap the campaign and share what’s to come in future sessions.

January 12th 2019 First DnD Session.jpeg

I’m all for looking cute to play D&D. *image taken by me for my instagram story.*

My character is named Althaea and she is a level #1 Elf Sorcerer who happens to be an Occult Investigator. When she was young, she started developing magical abilities much to the chagrin of her father. Her father refused to teach her how to defend herself due to being in fear of the dark source of Althaea’s magic. When Althaea was 10, her father was killed by an evil spirit. Althaea has sworn revenge on this evil spirit and finding more information behind her father’s murder.

Althaea Character Sheet .jpeg

Althaea’s character sheet! *image taken by me*

Our campaign began in January of 453 AD. Side note, as our DM revealed the date, each of our group members wrote the year wrong. I still don’t know how that was possible considering he was sitting right next to us. Our characters were trapped in a burning village being attacked by barbarians. Six of them came after us. I rolled very poorly most of the time during this attack which led to me having only one hit point at the end of the battle. Once the barbarians were slayed, we investigated another town which also was being invaded by barbarians. Althaea did a lot better as she used her “ice knife” spell and it ended up landing on one of the barbarians.

After defeating the barbarians, our group of five is approached by an inn keeper. He offers us rooms since we saved his village from the barbarians. One of our characters rolled an intelligence check to determine if the innkeeper was hiding something from us. The innkeeper is hiding something, but throughout this session, none of our characters figured what it was. Althaea did attempt to flirt with the inn keeper, but I rolled so low that he pushed me away and wouldn’t talk to me. It was at this moment I realize I should have been a Bard. Anyway, not much happened after that, but our DM said the innkeeper is hiding something huge and the name of our next session is titled “Murder House.”

Overall it was a great first session. I will say I don’t have a lot of experience with character building with 5e rules. There was a lot I didn’t create with my character prior to the session beginning. Thankfully, the group I’m playing with is rather forgiving. The DM even admitted he wished he did a bit more research and had a map for the players to look at.

Thanks for reading my recap! Our next session is planned for Saturday February 2nd, so expect a post somewhere near then.


6 thoughts on “Playing in the Dark Ages New D&D Campaign

  1. I have a couple of questions as I am intrigued. What was different, from your perspective, about playing in a “Dark Ages” setting? And, given the date you said the game happened on, I am assuming it was Dark Ages Europe so I wondered was there anything different about the magical races? Were they as common as a standard DnD setting or rare and tied to fae lore or something like that? It does sound like a fun session and you’re probably aware most of the games I run are dark ages and I know what differences the setting has on those games, but was curious about how it would affect something like DnD.


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