Batman: Hush Comic Review

Hush, Little Baby don’t say a word. Mama’s going to buy you a mockingbird. 


Batman: Hush graphic novel cover. Image from Amazon.

After beating Batman Arkham Knight for the 2nd time, I became fascinated with reading more Batman comics. I’m currently reading through Knightquest which is the story line in which Batman’s back is broken by Bane. This story line is what inspired the Dark Knight Rises film in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Recently, I finished reading Batman: Hush written by Jeph Loeb. Loeb is a familar face to fandom as he was hired by Marvel Entertainment to co-head the Marvel Television series including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This graphic novel is probably one of my favorite Batman stories I have read thus far.

Batman: Hush begins with Batman attempting a rescue mission for a kidnapped boy being held by Killer Croc. After saving the boy, he chases Catwoman around Gotham City for money she stole from Killer Croc. When Batman catches up with her, his grapple gun line snaps and he falls to the ground. Bruce Wayne has devastating physical injuries which are repaired by his childhood friend and renowned surgeon, Thomas Elliot. Throughout the story, we see past memories interwoven in the story detailing Bruce and Thomas’s friendship.

As Batman figures out who deliberately cut his line, he recognizes other super villains coming after him within a few days of each other. It becomes clear to Batman that someone is trying to take him down while also knowing incredibly personal information about him. The main premise behind this story is who could be the mastermind behind the vicious attacks against Batman.

I truly ship Batman and Catwoman together. I enjoy their romantic partnership as Batman and Catwoman are both anti-heroes who think they are doing the right thing while also bending the law to fit their needs. You may have seen this famous image of Batman and Catwoman kissing which is found from this graphic novel:

Batman Catwoman.jpg

Batman & Catwoman. Image by DC Data Base 

Batman: Hush is perfect for introducing comics to new fans. Within the first two chapters, famous Batman villains are introduced which has been a common complaint from other fans about this story. I personally loved it because it fits the plot.

Who else has read Batman: Hush? I would love to hear your comments below along with your favorite Batman comic.


8 thoughts on “Batman: Hush Comic Review

  1. Hush is perhaps one of the most beautiful representations of Batman that I have seen to date. I admit, sometimes the abruptness with which a villain was introduced and then removed felt a little abrupt, but in some ways it played into the idea of a very powerful mastermind.
    In some ways it reminds me of Long Halloween, which also features numerous well known villains making cameo appearances while a less prominent villain serves as the recurring threat.
    I think my favorite is the Arkham Asylum one. That’s another visually impressive piece, with a lot of symbolism.
    I haven’t read the Knightquest one, but I did read a paperback novel based on it, and I have to say, that tactical rendition of Bane is my favorite. I particularly liked the way that Bane starts his campaign against the dark knight (keeping it vague for those who don’t know it).
    Many comics have struck me as a little over the top, but I really enjoyed Hush, Arkham Asylum, Killing Joke, Long Halloween, and Year One.


    • Some comics can be, but I didn’t find Hush to be that way. I liked all the villains coming into the story because again, if I want to give someone a comic they can get involved in, this would be perfect since it introduces all the villains in one place.

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