Queer Eye – Which One of the Fab 5 is My Soulmate.

In 2003, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy aired on Bravo. I would watch a couple episodes with my mom and the only guy I actively remember was Carson Kressley. My mom liked watching the transformations and seeing them learn to love themselves. Now, Queer Eye has been rebooted on Netflix and I haven’t had time to watch it, until now. This show is more meaningful than giving a makeover, it’s giving someone their confidence back. Before I reveal which one of the Fab 5 is my soulmate (thanks to Buzzfeed), I wanted to share a little bit about the cast.

Queer Eye from Netflix.jpg

Image from Netflix (from left to right Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France).

Bobby Berk

Bobby is the interior design expert on the team. Some of the apartments he has redone look incredible. One of my favorite episodes is Below Average Joe where Bobby redesigns a basement for a man who still lives with his parents. This basement doesn’t look like a basement, but more like a modern apartment once it’s finished. Bobby has impeccable taste in furniture too. Can he come to my apartment?

Karamo Brown

Karamo is by far the coolest out of the five. He’s the culture expert which I take that as teaching someone how to act, network on social media and be more confident. His connection with Cory in the episode Dega Don’t was a moving episode. Cory’s friend is a police officer who pulls the Fab 5 over as a “joke”. With all of the recent police shootings involving killing unarmed African Americans, this alarms Karamo. Cory and Karamo discuss the political nature of unarmed police shootings and how African Americans are treated by police officers in general. It creates one of the most political episodes in Queer Eye, but I’m glad Karamo and Cory were able to have such a respectful conversation with each other.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan is my favorite of the Queer Eye Fab 5. I can’t stop smiling every time Jonathan says “YAAAAASSS QUEEEN.”. If I had all the money in the world, I would hire him to be my daily beauty assistant. He is the hair, skin care and style expert of the group. I’m a fan of his style because he pushes boundaries without giving a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of him. Also he has beautiful hair and I’m jealous.

Antoni Porowski

Antoni is the one I have the biggest crush on because he’s so damn attractive. He has the best smile, great hair and could cook me the most delicious dinner. Being the “foodie” of the group, I would argue his expertise is most important. You can look great, but if you can cook, even better.

Tan France

Tan and Jonathan are the Ying & the Yang. Jonathan is the hair and beauty product expert where Tan is the style icon. I felt the series does a great job at highlighting Tan’s personality. I would say he’s one of the more quiet guys in the group which helps to balance them out.

So who is my soulmate??? Drum roll please…..


Tan Buzz Feed Quiz Results.png

I’m not mad about this. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for Antoni, but Tan is a great choice. When I read the description for Tan, this doesn’t sound like my personality. I wouldn’t label myself as direct, although I love going shopping for new clothes to wear.

I cannot recommend Queer Eye enough. The show is lighthearted, while also diving into some tough political topics. Tears have been shed in many of the episodes and I’m surprised at how addicted I became to the show in just watching one episode. I’m not on season #2 yet, but I’m excited to watch more stories unfold in the heart of the deep South.


4 thoughts on “Queer Eye – Which One of the Fab 5 is My Soulmate.

  1. YAAAS! Queer Eye is such a pure show. And the Fab Five are great. They’re all so likable and honest.
    I did the quiz ages ago but don’t remember who I got but I did it again and got Karamo.


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