Attending the Aquaman Pre-Screening

Writing for Twin Cities Geek gives me the occasional perks such as seeing Taron Egerton in Robin Hood for free on Monday night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to score Aquaman seats from Twin Cities Geek as another reviewer snagged them before I could. However, through the Warner Brothers website, I was able to score two tickets to the advanced screening show which made the boyfriend happy.

Aqua Man.jpg

The day of the advanced screening, me and the boyfriend left about 3 hours early because it was a 40 minute drive in rush hour traffic. When we got there, we were surprised at how many people were camped out already. We thought we were getting there early, but not early enough. The line wrapped around the theater towards the back entrance where me and the boyfriend found the end of the line. I was a little nervous we weren’t going to make into the theater.

Aqua Man 2.jpg

For those who have never attended a pre-screening event, the tickets we had didn’t guarantee us seats. It was a first come, first serve basis. This was a huge lesson learned for me if I ever attend another screening like this. The earlier you show up, the better. However, after waiting in line, I was elated to see us entering the theater and we were able to get seats right in the front row.

Since Aquaman hasn’t been released yet, I won’t say too much about the movie until others have had the chance to see it. I will say this movie is visually stunning and Jason Momoa does a great job at portraying Aquaman on the big screen. I will never forget when I met Jason Momoa and he told me this movie was going to be great and he wasn’t wrong.

10 thoughts on “Attending the Aquaman Pre-Screening

  1. Yikes. Glad you got seats! I rarely do the cinema-because-I-blog thing as here in the UK that’s dominated by London. I’ve no desire to travel to the big smoke just for a film.

    Now, Aquaman …. there’s a film I’m absolutely looking forward too. I hope it’s a hit for DC.


  2. Glad that you got seats and had a great time! I’ve tried to get advanced passes but they’re never available in my city. If they ever are, I’ll definitely know to show up early. 🙂


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