C2E2 Press Badge + Other Life Updates

It’s been a week since I published a new post due to traveling for Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time with the boyfriend’s family and visiting my friend in Chicago. Since driving back to MN, I was reviewing all of the exciting moments happening in my life right now and I wanted to share them below. so

C2E2 Press Badge Application Accepted

This is probably my most exciting news I have received, but yes I will be attending C2E2 for the first time in 2019 along with getting accepted for a press badge. As I was browsing C2E2’s website, I was curious if my experience writing at Twin Cities Geek along with this blog would be enough to procure a press badge and with nudging from the boyfriend, I decided to apply to see what would happen. I certainly didn’t think I would get it because this blog isn’t famous or anything. However, I turned out to be wrong and this press badge is mine.

Chicago for Thanksgiving

When I was in college, I met one of my friends through my major classes. We lived together for a full year before she moved back to Chicago area. Anytime I’m near the boyfriend’s family in Milwaukee, I try to visit her plus it gives me an excuse to roam around Chicago.

We settled on going to the Adler Planetarium because it’s the only museum downtown I haven’t seen yet. It was a smaller museum easily doable in an hour or so. For ten dollars, it was worth it to learn more about astronomy.

Adler Planetarium.jpg

Chicago is fun this time of year because of all the Macy’s Christmas decorations. Each individual window has a holiday themed decoration set along with wreaths lining the buildings. It’s fun to walk around and get more into the holiday spirit.

Macys Window

This window was my favorite ❤

Before we left downtown, I walked to Graham Cracker Comics which is located approximately right across the street from Millennium Park. They had a buy one get one 50% off on trade paperbacks which led me to purchasing Paper Girls Volume #4 and the famous Hush Batman graphic novel. I have a lot of new reading material now!

Orlando Feb. 2019 for Harry Potter World

Every year me and my family go on one big family vacation. This past year, it was a road trip to Boston. We decided to visit Orlando primarily to see Harry Potter World. I have never been to Florida in general let alone a huge theme park. I’m super excited to be able to experience Hogwarts, drink butter beer and walk down Diagon Alley. Along with Harry Potter world, we want to explore Universal Studios along with Disney World. Any guidance to exploring these areas would be greatly appreciated in the comments below 🙂

Starting My Harry Potter Re-Read

Since I’m visiting Harry Potter World next year, I want to be fully caught up on all of the lore again. The Harry Potter universe made me the geek I am today, so it’s fitting I would read the series again before I fly to Orlando.

I’m incredibly thankful for all of the experiences I’m able to be apart of. 2019 is going to be a busy year filled with more traveling and geek adventures. I wanted to wish anyone who reads my blog a Happy Holiday season and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with friends or family.





4 thoughts on “C2E2 Press Badge + Other Life Updates

  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Congratulations on getting a press badge! That’s so exciting! Your trip to Harry Potter and Disney World is going to be amazing. If you want to travel the Hogwarts Express between parks, I’d highly recommend getting the two-park pass when visiting Universal Studios. I’ve been to both Universal and Disney a lot, so if you have any questions, I’m happy to help! 🙂


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