The Sexiest Political Thriller on Netflix; Bodyguard.

BBC Bodyguard.jpg

Richard Madden is dreamy *Image from BBC*

I spend more time than I would like to admit on Twitter. Usually, I never have anything clever to say, but I follow quite a few entertainment sites, bloggers and creative minds. Entertainment Weekly is a magazine I used to read, but now I follow them on Twitter. They tweeted about how riveting Bodyguard is which recently dropped on Netflix. The first season is only six episodes long so I figured, what the hell, I need something new to watch.

Starring former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden as David Budd, a war veteran dealing with crippling PTSD from his experiences in Afghanistan. As a police officer, he’s assigned to a protection detail for Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes) who is controversial with her political opinions with a reputation for being unfriendly. Their relationship developed as they worked together and as the episodes continue, there’s an underlying conspiracy regarding why Montague is being targeted.

This show was exactly what I needed; it was captivating from the minute I started the first episode. The first twenty minutes shows Budd trying to stop a suicide bomber on a train with his kids a couple carts away. I attempted to predict where the show was going, but I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was. I can’t give more details without revealing spoilers, so I will choose to refrain from further details.

While Bodyguard aired on BBC, it drew in 10 million views which is incredible, although season #2 hasn’t been confirmed. Richard Madden is talking with producers to be involved with another season. The earliest it would be released would be 2020 which seems far from now. This is one of the most enticing political thrillers on Netflix currently and it’s a nice break from the other shows I watch. Plus Richard Madden is the perfect eye candy to watch on the small screen.



9 thoughts on “The Sexiest Political Thriller on Netflix; Bodyguard.

  1. My wife and I made a point of tuning in to this every week – we loved it! Every time he said “Ma’am” it made us think of Daniel Craig in James Bond… which is amusing because apparently he’s been approached by the JB producers. Just talks for now, but it could be interesting if he takes up the mangle after Daniel Craig 🙂


  2. Until recently I didn’t really watch BBC dramas or thrillers but the trailer for this one got my interest. It was a great series and am glad it is getting syndicated across the pond via netflix. I was surprised about the choices of plot, but not unpleasantly so. And apparently, it has significantly improved the perceptions of the London Met, which is no bad thing. I thought it was confirmed for a second series, but I only heard that second hand. I think it will get one. There hasn’t been a terrestrial drama in recent years that has had so much exposure. They’d be daft not to make more


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