Black Cat is Seductive & Ruthless in Marvel’s Spiderman the Heist.

Black Cat Game Informer

“Hello Spider”. [Black Cat image from Game Informer]. 

After unlocking all the trophies in Marvel’s Spiderman, I was desperate for more content! I haven’t finished New Game Plus yet because I may want to return to the game in a couple months. To fill my Spiderman void, I downloaded the Heist DLC featuring the Black Cat as a main protagonist in the game. I have to admit I found parts of this story to be more challenging than I expected, but I still finished the DLC in under 6 hours. This was a terrific addition to the main story.

Felicia Hardy aka. the Black Cat is the true definition of an anti-hero as she is a leather clad Robin Hood stealing from the rich. In the Heist, Spiderman is called to an art museum to stop crime boss Hammerhead & his crew from stealing expensive valuables. However, Felicia drops by and ends up stealing a flash drive from the back of a painting amidst Spiderman’s plees to do right with the law. Black Cat succeeds and Spiderman’s forced to chase her down throughout NYC to uncover her motives and stop Hammerhead.

The dialogue between Black Cat and Spiderman was perfection. From my understanding, Spiderman and Black Cat have a flirty, dynamic relationship which has it’s ups and downs. In the game, it appears Spiderman had a fling with Black Cat before he got back together with MJ. The final mission in the game allows the player to direct the Black Cat to enemies she can eliminate. I found I was using Black Cat more for take downs than Spiderman during this sequence.

I highly recommend completing all the side quests as one features more background on Felicia Hardy’s family. There’s also new crimes to complete such as activating the Spider Bot to defuse bombs underneath cars. Screwball, a lesser known Spiderman villain creates challenges for Spiderman to complete which although were easier than the Task Master challenges, I found these tasks bothersome to complete.

Ultimately, the Heist DLC is enjoyable and I hope Black Cat makes another appearance sometime soon. Better yet, why not release DLC where I can play as her for the entire game. There will be two other episodes to purchase for Marvel’s Spiderman titled “Turf Wars” & “Silver Lining”. “Turf Wars” is released supposedly this month, but I’m not sure on the date. Marvel’s Spiderman’s the Heist can be purchased on the Playstation Network for $9.99 or a season pass can be purchased for $25.00.


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