Spider-Man: My Favorite Game of the Year

It’s been a while since I had been anxiously waiting for a release to a new video game. Now I can afford video games unlike when I was a college student. It wasn’t appealing to look forward to a video game I couldn’t afford. Gaming is an expensive hobby to maintain, but worth it for me. When I had watched E3 footage of Insomniac’s Spider-Man, I was blown away. I am happy to say Spider-Man is amazing and it’s my favorite release of 2018.

NYC Spiderman PS4

Spiderman, Spiderman Does Whatever a Spider Can 😀

Spider-Man takes place 8 years since Peter Parker received his powers. He quit the Daily Bugle to do neurological research with Doctor Otto Octavius. He assists Aunt May with volunteering at F.E.A.S.T. which is a soup kitchen / entertainment facility for the homeless population. Finally, Peter is trying to maintain a friendship with his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane. Peter has experience fighting crime, but he has so much to learn with regards to maintaining great relationships.

The game begins with Spiderman beating Wilson Fisk aka. Kingpin. This is also the tutorial which demonstrates how to fight as Spiderman. Learning the controls for Spiderman’s combat was more difficult than I had thought it would be. He’s incredibly weak because he hasn’t been leveled up yet. Ultimately, Wilson Fisk is put behind bars, but a new crop of criminals arises known as the Demons. It’s clear the Demons have some sort of supernatural power because they emit a black & white energy from their weapons and bodies. Over the course of the campaign, Peter has to take down the demons while also fighting many of his previous foes.

Parker and MJ

Peter Parker and MJ < screenshot from Insomniac Games

Being able to explore NYC as Spiderman is fantastic. I had just visited NYC for the first time in August and I felt I was reliving the trip throughout this game. Another positive to Spider-Man is the story itself. I love the intro to Miles Morales and Mary Jane Watson. I wrote my thoughts about MJ in a separate post which I have linked in case you missed it. Miles Morales had a big role in this game and I was happy about it. If there ever is a sequel, I would love to see Spider-Gwen included or even Silk.

My only negative thought with this game is I found the controls to be sensitive. There are times I was swinging around the city and I hit one button and Spiderman launched away from where I wanted him to go. There were a few situations where I failed timed missions because I accidentally touched the wrong button. However, this didn’t really change the game experience for me.

I could go on forever about how much I adored this game, but I have to end this post. Spiderman deserved a great video game and this game does him justice. I’m excited to hear there are 2-3 more DLC’s planned for this game including one released at the end of this month starring Black Cat. Spider-Man by Insomniac Games was everything I wanted it to be.


9 thoughts on “Spider-Man: My Favorite Game of the Year

  1. Everything I have seen and heard about this game totally echoes your review for it: it really looks like an amazing game. Almost sad that I don’t game anymore these days lol 😂 Glad you enjoyed it so much! 😊


  2. I luh-luh-luh-loved this game. I agree with you that the transversal controls are hard at first. I think what really helped me master them was unlocking recovery skills so I wouldn’t get slowed down by missing my mark with the web.


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