Midwest Comic Book Association’s Fall Con

I’m grateful to be living in a place that has a strong geek presence. I became aware of this community when I started writing for Twin Cities Geek in the summer of 2015. Three years later, Twin Cities Geek has allowed me to become comfortable in this geek community. Every year, Twin Cities Geek tables at Midwest Comic Book Association (M.C.B.A)’s two comic themed conventions; Spring Con & Fall Con. Last weekend was Fall Con and I had the pleasure of attending this volunteer run convention.

MCBA Fall Con .jpeg

MCBA Fall Con Guide & Pass

As I mentioned, this convention is run 100% by volunteers. This isn’t a for profit show and the M.C.B.A. wants to highlight all of the Minnesota comic talent living and thriving in the Twin Cities area. This is a spending convention meaning it’s designed for people to show up, bring cash, and support local creators. However, I only brought $20 in cash, I still left with two comics I’m looking forward to reading. You don’t need a lot of money to be able to support creators. $20 goes a long way.

An extra added bonus is the M.C.B.A. volunteers provide lunch to everyone who tables at the event. They always have hot dogs and pulled pork to share along with chocolate chip cookies and hot coffee. I gravitated to the hot coffee because I happened to be running on 4 hours of sleep. It’s especially appreciated by creators who are at their booths for hours. It’s easier to grab something quick to eat on site than to leave their booth to get food which risks losing sales.

MCBA Fall Con 2.jpeg

YAY Free Comics 

Another nice feature to the con is the M.C.B.A. always gives away free stuff. They do raffles and draw tickets fairly often. In fact when I received a ticket, it was automatically the winner. I could choose from coloring books, comics and complete comic series. I ended up picking Spider Gwen #2, Mockingbird #1 and Scarlet Witch #1. At Spring Con this year, I won a Lois Lane Bombshell figurine along with a graphic novel. It’s fun leaving the convention with free comics and comics I originally paid for.

A lot of my readers probably aren’t from the Minnesota or Midwest region of the U.S., however if you are, this is a con you have to attend. Everyone is incredibly friendly and I have never had a negative geek experience at any of the M.C.B.A. conventions. I cannot wait for Spring Con happening May 2019.



7 thoughts on “Midwest Comic Book Association’s Fall Con

  1. I absolutely love the idea of a volunteer led con. Cons can get so expensive these days. After you pay for entrance fees, then an autograph here and there, you’re left with hardly anything to support local entrepreneurs and artists, so I think this is great. Plus, sounds like you always seem to have fun.

    Emma | https://geekytourist.com


  2. I always appreciate events that are designed around showcasing local talent and freebies are also always great! It sounds like it was a well organised event and hopefully it will continue and grow 🙂


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