Bristol Renaissance Faire + Uncovering Old Comics

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend signifying the end of summer and beginning of fall. I usually don’t do a whole lot for Labor Day, but this year was an exception as me and the boyfriend drove to visit his family in the Milwaukee area. We also decided to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire which his parents had never attended. Additionally, we were exploring his parent’s basement and found some old comics belonging to his grandfather which we took home with us. I wanted to share my highlights of my Labor Day weekend.

Bristol Ren Fest Labor Day Weekend 2018.jpeg

Entrance to Bristol Renaissance Faire *Photo Taken by Me*

I had never been to any other Renaissance Faire out of state before as I had only gone to the Minnesota Renaissance Fest. One irritating part about the MN Ren Fest is how horrible the parking situation is. I’m not sure why it’s the case, but every year I go, I’m stuck waiting to get in and get parked. The most I have ever waited was two full hours which leaves me impatient and annoyed. At Bristol, parking was easy as they had it completely figured out. You could pay $5 to go into the closer lot which was worth it. After an exhausting day, I don’t want to walk a mile to my car in the farther lot. I was impressed with Bristol’s parking situation versus the Minnesota Renaissance Fest. 

One reason why I like to go to the Ren Fest each year is to shop. I love buying hand made jewelry at the different vendor booths. I didn’t buy any this year, but it’s something I’m always on the lookout for. The Bristol Renaissance Faire had a lot of unique vendors and the boyfriend bought a hand made vase for our apartment. It’s really pretty and adds to the decoration in our space.

Bristol Ren Fest Labor Day Weekend 2018 2.jpeg

The Jousting Duel *Photo Taken by Me*

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is the best Ren Fest I have been to in the Midwest. It’s better than the MN one by far. I’m considering another trip next year to the Bristol location and I want to dress up this time around. I didn’t want to go in costume because I knew the boyfriend and his family were going to be in normal clothes, so I decided to dress the same. Next year I want to go all out!

While staying with the boyfriend’s parents, I was in the basement with his dad going through some of the boyfriend’s stuff. Me and the boyfriend are at that age where even though we have technically “moved out” of our parents house, we still have a bunch of our stuff there that doesn’t fit into the one bedroom apartment. I pulled out a box filled with newspapers and buried underneath it all were old comics.

The comics found in the old cardboard box were: Star Trek, Man from U.N.C.L.E, Uncle Scrooge, Woody the Woodpecker, Roadrunner, Daisy & Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Scooby Doo. Some of the comics are a little worn, but many of them are in pretty good condition. I’m planning on reading most of them, but I might check and see how much some of them are worth. I’m not a Man from U.N.C.L.E. fan, so I have no issue getting rid of those.

Labor Day weekend was a fun surprise. Did you do anything fun this past Labor Day weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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