Young Justice Season #3 Outsiders

One may argue DC’s live action movies are a mess, but they do an excellent job with their cartoon series. One of my favorite cartoon series DC developed was Young Justice. Young Justice is remarkable in the sense that it’s aimed for kids, but it’s entertaining for adults although Young Justice was cancelled after airing season #2. This left fans disappointed and because of their outcry, season #3 was announced titled Young Justice: Outsiders. There has been some footage of Outsiders I wanted to share my reaction to, but I also wanted to share a little more information about Young Justice and how if you haven’t seen it, you’re truly missing out.

Young Justice

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Young Justice stars the apprentices of the major DC superheroes including Robin (a young Dick Greyson), Aqualad, Kid Flash and Speedy. Speedy ultimately acts like a teenager and leaves the group in the beginning episode with appearances later on. Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash investigate Cadmus Labs where they discover Superman’s clone nicknamed Superboy. After this mission, Batman gives permission to create Young Justice the superhero training team to run their own missions with connection to the Justice League.

Young Justice.jpg

The first two seasons of Young Justice are exciting for any DC Comics fan. I found every episode to be engaging and the story lines easy to understand. There’s a special place in my heart for Dick Greyson’s Robin and we even get to see him evolve into Nightwing in the second season. I also grew fond of Aqualad as I think he serves as a great leader for the team.

Recently, IGN posted a clip from Young Justice: Outsiders to their YouTube channel.  In this clip we see Nightwing heading into a warehouse which is a front for a meta human trafficking ring. He is able to gather evidence with the help of Oracle and analyze that evidence to see where the meta human trafficking ring started. My first initial reactions to viewing this clip is the appearance of both Nightwing and Oracle. I love both of their characters and the relationship they hold for each other so already I’m pumped for this season. I also think the meta human trafficking serves as a great plot device for the season.

DC’s Young Justice: Outsiders will be exclusively available on their streaming service sometime in 2019. I plan on pre-ordering their service because I also want a chance to watch some of the older Justice League / Batman Animated Series episodes. It’s a little obnoxious how major companies are creating their own streaming services. Young Justice used to be on Netflix, but DC removed it to add it to their service. Young Justice is available for 25 dollars on Amazon and that’s probably the best way you can watch it. Buy an episode and see why all the fans like myself are truly connected with the show.

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