Let’s Discuss the Titans Trailer

It’s officially San Diego Comic Con season as new trailers are released on the internet. One trailer I want to dissect in it’s own post is the new Titans trailer. This show I believe is going to highlight DC’s new subscription service which I may subscribe to depending on how Young Justice season #3 will air. There has been a lot of uprising over the announcement of Titans along with the first images of the costumes of the titans. Teen Titans are a special group to me because the 2003 cartoon was a part of my childhood. My friend would always pretend to be Starfire and I was Raven and we would run around the yard saving the world. With that being said, let’s talk about the trailer.

Before the trailer begins there’s a warning TV-MA for mature audiences. I always believed the Titans were similar to the Young Avengers. They were positive and aimed more at younger audiences, but this certainly isn’t what we are getting with this trailer.

In the first couple scenes we see hints of a circus which makes sense because of Dick Greyson’s background. Overall I think Brenton Thwaites has the look of Robin, but will he do the character justice? Raven appears to be having issues controlling her demon powers. This makes sense to me, as the original cartoon often had episodes featuring Raven attempting to control her half demon form.


The next sequence features Robin attacking a group of criminals. One of them asks him where is Batman to which Robin replies with the most mocked line in the trailer: “Fuck Batman”. This is not the Dick Greyson I was picturing. Dick is the lighter side to Bruce Wayne’s Batman. He keeps Bruce in check when he even goes a little too dark. This should almost be a portrayal of Jason Todd who is the darkest Robin we get. Dick Greyson is one of my favorite comic book characters and I’m not feeling this version played by Thwaites.

Next we see a scene featuring Beast Boy and Star Fire. The casting of Anna Diop promoted a lot of racist chat in different forums. Star Fire is an alien so who cares what her skin color is.  Personally, I think representation is good in our movies and TV so I’m excited to see what she does with the role of Star Fire. A lot of complaints also came from Star Fire’s costume and how it looks like a “hooker”. To be honest, I don’t see it. Star Fire has always had a skimpy costume and I like how Anna Diop’s costume is sexy, but not as revealing as the comic counterpart. I think Beast Boy doesn’t look bad at all.

There’s a hint of Dove in the trailer though I didn’t see Hawk anywhere, but maybe I missed him? There were hints of other fight scenes ending with Raven in her demon form and then the logo appears signaling the end of the trailer. The theme of the trailer is that it’s going to be dark, violent and edgy.

I cannot express enough how disappointed I am for the release of this trailer. Mostly I’m underwhelmed by Robin/Dick Greyson because he’s not the Robin I had been picturing. I guess it depends on the Dick Greyson run you’re comparing, but to me, Dick has always been the knight in shining armor not breaking bones and swearing at Batman. As always let me know what you think in the comments and Fuck Batman amirite?

14 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss the Titans Trailer

  1. As someone who didn’t really watch the animated Teen Titans TV show, I don’t really know the characters all that well, so I didn’t hate this trailer. It looks a little dark and gritty and I don’t know if that’s a great idea given DC’s past with that on screen.


  2. I’m not that familiar with the DC universe and as such I can’t really say much about this. But I do hate it when they change a concept and totally turn it into something that is not what it was originally about, especially if they totally change characters behaviour. So I understand your disappointment.


  3. I am excited for this. But I don’t understand why the included the F-Bomb in the trailer it’s all anyone is talking about.
    Part of me wishes it was a later Titans rota, with Tim Drake as Robin. But you are right the casting for Dick Grayson is all wrong!


  4. I don’t know DC as much, but… my feeling is to shy away from the show. I have mixed feelings, but I think I’ll give it a go just in case. You never know.


  5. I only ever saw a handful of Teen Titans cartoons when I was younger, though I have seen some of the more recent movies. I actually wasn’t that bothered about the “Fuck Batman” as I can envision a scenario where a member, any member, of the Bat Family shows up to stop a crime and the criminal makes some quip about Batman and the character responding almost out of frustration but also as a warning that what is about to happen will not be what they expect. I think I will be giving this one a watch when I get the chance as it might well work.


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