I Rented a Cosplay

This is the second Convergence themed blog post I wanted to write because this was the first year I rented a cosplay to wear. I went to Convergence dressed as Wonder Woman with a hint of a female viking warrior to my cosplay. I wanted to share my experience of renting a cosplay in case any of you might be curious as to how to go about it.

A selfie of a woman looking into the camera. She's wearing a head piece with a wonder woman corset and a fir wrap on her shoulders.

If Wonder Woman was a Viking. Photo taken by me at Convergence 2018.

To start off, I absolutely hate sewing or any crafting involving clothing. I will never make another cosplay again with my bare hands. A couple years ago, I made a Sailor Neptune cosplay that ended up going terribly. Apparently I messed up the design and we had to redo a lot of it because I didn’t know what I was doing. With that experience under my belt I basically gave up ever wanting to create my own cosplay.

There’s a Facebook page called Convergence Connections where you can post about anything related to the convention. Someone had posted saying they had pre-made cosplays to rent. I was 100% on board. There were Disney princess cosplays, renaissance themed cosplays and of course the Wonder Woman one I chose. The person I met with was friendly and suggested ways I could do my hair or my makeup to make the cosplay more accurate.

Two people posing in warrior like stances.

Wonder Woman and comics accurate Aquaman.

I was overjoyed with how my whole look turned out. A couple people came up to me wanting a picture with my cosplay and I received a ton of compliments. Renting this cosplay was extremely affordable. I paid $25 bucks to rent the entire outfit with accessories for 4 days. This is much cheaper for me versus having to buy all the materials myself.

If you aren’t into sewing or crafting, this can be an affordable way to have an accurate cosplay for a convention. I would 100% rent a cosplay from this costumer again especially because my next convention will be in September of this year. Let me know if you have ever rented a cosplay, did you have a great experience? Let me know in the comments section below.


12 thoughts on “I Rented a Cosplay

    • Some costumers will rent their cosplays for some extra side money. I happened to find one I really clicked with. He was polite and his rates were reasonable. I still will put some cosplays together myself, but honestly this makes it so much easier.


  1. I’ve never cosplayed before and don’t know if I ever will but it’s nice to know that you can rent these now😀 (as I certainly would not know how to make my own costume lol). You look awesome in this by the way 😀


  2. Wow, this is a much better option! And only 24 for some days? I mean, I’m sold! I’m a disaster sewing too. You need a lot of practice and patience… and… I’m not huge in patience xDDDD So, I’ll look locally if people rent their cosplay costumes 😀


  3. i have never heard of that option before to rent a cosplay! btw I love your Wonder Woman outfit she is one of my favorite super heroes!!


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