Toxicity of Star Wars Fans *rant*

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Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie btw.

I want to start this post off by saying: Not All Star Wars fans 🙂  I wanted to address the darker side of the Star Wars fandom after I decided to scroll through Rian Johnson’s twitter account. He will make a tweet unrelated to Star Wars, yet fans will still harass him about The Last Jedi. I’m in agreement with fans in the sense that I had my issues with The Last Jedi, but I don’t think The Last Jedi is on the same level as the prequels. Star Wars is one of the fandoms I’m apart of where the toxicity and hatred in fans is astounding.

Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose in The Last Jedi is one of my favorite human beings. I followed her Instagram to see posts from a celebrity who was down to earth and let her followers know how real she seems. Unfortunately, fans have decided to comment on her posts and harass her about her role in the franchise. This harassment led to Kelly Marie Tran deleting her Instagram account.  This is not okay and as Star Wars fans, we should be better than this.

Let’s get one thing straight: the fans do not own Star Wars. Star Wars is operated by Lucas Film and Kathleen Kennedy who I absolutely adore. Therefore, you have no right as a fan to protest whether or not The Last Jedi should be canon or not. It is a movie recognized by the Star Wars franchise and frankly if you truly hate where Star Wars is going, than stop watching. I think we would all hold the door open for you as you leave.

Finally, I wanted to express how annoyed I am when fans say they don’t like the new movies because of “forced diversity”.!! Diversity allows every single culture to be represented on our movie screen. This could mean the world to a 6 year old African American kid or a 6 year old Asian American child to see someone who looks like them fighting off the First Order. It’s time for a change in our Star Wars movies to see a broad mix of different characters and actors instead of all white people.

Star Wars is a fandom I appreciate, but it’s certainly not my number #1 franchise I’m into. If you see this toxicity in your Star Wars fan groups, point it out. This behavior is unacceptable and Kelly Marie Tran deserves better than this.

12 thoughts on “Toxicity of Star Wars Fans *rant*

  1. I completely agree with this. I think it’s awful that anyone would bully another human, whether celebrity or not, but the fact that its over a fictional role that she’s playing, is just appalling. Like you said, if you don’t like something, don’t watch it. Don’t just bitch about it because at the end of the day, a lot of other people dont share your opinion, and Star Wars continues to be a massively popular franchise whether you stop watching or not.


    • Exactly. The fact is our world is changing and we are having multiple different cultures represented on our movie / TV screens. That’s a great thing! As a white woman, I have seen myself represented as a superhero and other bad ass women. I want other women from different backgrounds to see that too.


  2. I have had issues with some movies/tv shows in my time but I have never ever felt the need to harass one of the cast members, or anyone for that matter, as a result of that. It just seems like a ridiculous step to take! Like you said: if it bothers you so much just stop watching.


  3. Sad to say, any significantly large community tends to have this problem to one extent or another, including communities that have been belittled in the past. I personally disliked both Force Awakens and Last Jedi for numerous reasons, some of them personal and some of them technical, but as much as I dislike what has been done to those films that certainly doesn’t justify harrasment of the actors or even the director. The whole outcry and demand for the Last Jedi be removed from canon concerns me as it smells of fandom becoming obsession, and that is healthy for no one


    • Exactly, you don’t tweet at Rian Johnson or Kelly Marie Tran to tell them how awful you think their movie is. It’s okay to disagree on how a movie should be, but to ensure that Kelly Marie Tran leaves Instagram because of disgusting comments is just gross.


  4. I actually muted Star Wars on Twitter because I couldn’t handle all the crap coming up in my feed. I feel horrible for actual fans trying to just…have a good time (and the actors too) and keep getting overran by jerks.


    • I saw your tweet actually lol. Right?? I consider myself a Star Wars fan, but I feel like that’s a bad rep now based on what other fans have decided to do. It saddens me that the Star Wars fandom has evolved in this way.


  5. What the dark side of the Star Wars fandom has done to Kelly and Daisy, as well as Jake and Hayden, is shameful. It’s sad that almost all fandoms have trolls with no sense of respect towards the actors and feel like they’re entitled to everything running their way. Those people give true fans a bad name and reputation.


  6. T_T It’s horrible! I want to rant all about it on my blog, but I can’t find the words yet because I’m angry. It’s horrible that just a few can be so horrible to someone just because they don’t like a character. Not all Star War fans are like that T_T Seriously, they need to take some time and look into the mirror.

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