Boston Comic Haul

As promised, I said I would also write a blog post detailing all the comics I purchased while in Boston. It’s frightening to think that my trip to Boston was already a month ago, time is flying by quick! While I was in Boston, I received a recommendation to visit the comic book store Comicopia. Boston has a couple different comic shops including Newbury Comics which has several locations in the city. I wasn’t too impressed with Newbury Comics because they sold more records and t-shirts than actual comics. Comicopia was amazing though because it was on the west side of Boston near this beautiful colonial neighborhood. I was also impressed by their selection in this small shop. Almost all of the comics I bought were written by local creators in the New England area. Here is my extensive haul from the store:


Siren School by Isabella Rothman

Siren School.jpg

This is probably my favorite comic I bought and read. It’s a cute little feminist comic about female sirens teaching young sirens to lure men to their deaths. Instead of saying sexual stuff though, they say things like “I know I can’t play video games” and other quotes appealing to the man’s ego. Definitely gave me some laughs in only a couple short pages.

Kitties by Greg Steele


This comic wasn’t a story, it was just an art collage of cute and chubby kitties wearing superhero costumes. Something I didn’t really knew I needed until I saw it.

Good Morning Gorgon by Ben Doane and Olivia Li

Good Morning Gorgon.jpg

The premise is simple, a Gorgon mom is shopping for all of her snake head babies. Not much more to say than that.

The BackStagers Volume #1 by James Tynion IV, Rian Sygh and Walter Baiamonte

BackStagers Volume #1.jpg

This graphic novel was included in HideNGoShauna’s post about graphic novels for pride month. I didn’t realize this book was LGBTQIA+ friendly which makes me more excited to read it. It’s currently on my coffee table to remind myself to read it especially in the month of June.

Local comics are my favorite to read because there are some talented creators who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. When you visit your comic book store, go straight for the locals section. If there isn’t one, work to change that. If you’re only reading DC or Marvel, you’re missing out on so many great comics. Support your local comic book community! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Boston Comic Haul

  1. I was thinking the same thing, the storefront is so charming; I bet it was lovely inside too? Thanks for linking me! I haven’t read Backstagers yet but I am definitely planning on it! 😊


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