AFTERGLOW: My First Backed Kickstarter


Image from the AFTER GLOW campaign. 

I’m super excited to share with you all the first kickstarter campaign I have ever backed! Sometimes I scroll through Kickstarter browsing through different creations, but I have never felt compelled to pull out my credit card and back a project. This changed when I clicked on the campaign for the graphic novel AFTERGLOW. I was drawn to the pastel artwork, the characters and the overall story line. It’s close to being funded even though the campaign is going to run for 20 more days. Join me in funding this quirky graphic novel!

Image shows a "Thank You" for Successfully Backing AFTER GLOW - A graphic novel by Pat Shand and K. Lynn Smith

Photo taken by me.

AFTERGLOW is told after The Glowing destroyed 80% of the population. The wildlife was impacted including animals being mutated along with water being contaminated. Lacey is one of the survivors in this new world along with her radioactive cat. Yes, you heard me right she is riding on a radioactive cat. Not going to lie the radioactive cat did draw me into this graphic novel because I will forever be a cat lady. So basically this gigantic house cat and Lacey go on adventures together.

So who created this story? There’s K. Lynn Smith who created a very successful web comic called Plume. I haven’t read Plume yet, but I do have the website bookmarked under my web comics folder in google chrome. K. Lynn Smith is also a Midwestern native as she is from Michigan, but has appeared at Cedar Rapids Comic Con in Iowa. Pat Shand is the other brilliant mind behind AFTERGLOW and someone I’m less familiar with.

As far as the rewards, they’re pretty typical for any kickstarter campaign. The more you pay, the more you unlock such as exclusive artwork, book marks, buttons, bumper stickers and more. I personally only need the physical trade paperback so I didn’t pledge for any of the extra stuff, but if you’re a collector that might be worth it for you.

I have no doubt that this project will be backed considering they are less than $500 away from their funding goal. You can go check out the official kickstarter campaign here: AFTERGLOW – Graphic Novel I have never been more excited for a graphic novel to ship to me!


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