Boston Book Haul

Every time I travel to a new city I look for smaller stores to shop at. Boston has plenty of comic book stores, bookstores, and smaller boutiques. Specifically, I visited Brattle Book Shop and Comicopia which by the way if you’re ever in Boston, Comicopia is the best comic book store on the East Coast. I bought plenty of books & comics to last me a while. Since my post was starting to get a little long, I’m going to do two separate posts one for my books and one for my comics. Here were the books I purchased at this classic outdoor bookstore.

[Image features art work on the side of a building. There's a black and white art of variosu famous authors. The wall below that is painted with shelves and books on the shelves.]
[Image features book ends with various titles and authors]

Brattle Bookshop is one of the oldest bookstores in the U.S. When the weather is nice, books are displayed on racks and on the shelves in the above two pictures. There were huge shelves with one of those old-fashioned library ladders. There were two full floors of books and on the third floor were rare books. I didn’t purchase any rare books because some sets were close to $200 or more. The prices from this shop are incredibly fair as you can see that there are $1, $3, and $5 books outside. Here are my finds from Brattle Books:

Madhouse by Rob Thurman

[Image shows a book titled "Madhouse by Rob Thurman]

This is one of the books I found on the $1 book rack. This book is the third book in the Cal Leandros series which I had never heard. Cal and Neko are half-human brothers who run their own paranormal detective agency in the Big Apple. A malevolent evil being is murdering humans at an alarming rate so Cal and Neko must kill it. Seems similar to the Dresden series which I like.

The Night Manager by John Le Carre

[Image is a book titled The Night Manager by John Le Carre]

I’m a big fan of Tom Hiddleston’s role in the TV adaptation of this book. I have heard that the TV adaptation is better than the book, but I want to read the book and then re-watch The Night Manager. The Night Manager tells the story of Jonathon Pine working as a night manager at a prestigious hotel. When his former lover is brutally murdered at the hands of Richard Roper, a prominent man who cannot be touched by MI6, Pine goes undercover into Roper’s operations to bring justice to his fallen lover. I believe the Night Manager TV series is six episodes long and is on Amazon Prime.

Serpents in the Cold by Thomas O’Malley

[Image is a book cover titled Serpents In the Cold by Thomas O'Malley]

This mystery book takes place in 1950’s Boston where a serial killer is on the prowl for the next victim. Mystery is my second favorite genre to read from because I enjoy the suspense leading up to uncovering the truth. After I finish a mystery book, I always feel like I’m on cloud nine because of knowing how the book ends which I didn’t know a couple hours before finishing the book.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror

[Image is a graphic novel titled H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror]

One of my favorite board games is Arkham Horror which is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories. This is a graphic novel take on some of his classic stories. Lovecraft’s stories are intriguing, but since they were written in the early 1900s, the language used can be dull and hard to interpret at times. This graphic novel makes that easier.

Griff by Christopher Moore and Ian Corson

[Image is a comic book cover for The Griff by Christopher Moore and Ian Corson]

My final purchase is this graphic novel for a decent price. I read the reviews for this graphic novel and apparently, other comic fans are saying it’s mediocre. I guess I will form my own opinion. The book takes place in NYC where an alien invasion is occurring. A couple New Yorkers are destined to fight back and take back their favorite city.

My book pile is growing bigger which is how I like it. I always like to have something new to read. My comic post will be posted soon enough because there’s a lot of cool stuff I bought I wanted to share. Also, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Let’s be thankful for Veterans who have fought for so much to give us the rights we have.

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