March 2018 Goalsss :D

Unlike February, I won’t be traveling at all for the month of March. I need that downtime because traveling whether it’s flying somewhere or driving is expensive. March and April will be money-saving months to prepare for a road trip to Boston with my family in May. Since I’m sticking in my area throughout the next two months, I will be having some friends come to stay with us from my college town. It will be nice to see them since it’s been a couple months since we had good quality time together. Let’s recap the month of February.

Set a budget for Planet Comicon SUCCESS 🙂

[Image is a selfie of two women. One is wearing a scarf and red lipstick, the other one is blonde and wearing a Hogwarts sweater]
Yay for sticking with a budget for a convention.

I was most worried about this goal because I can easily spend more than what I had previously said I would. I spent $40 less than I had originally anticipated! It helped that I spent most of my Saturday waiting in line for photos and autographs so that meant I didn’t end up wandering around browsing other artists or it would have been game over.

Work at Steamship at least once per month. FAIL 

Normally I end up working one shift a month, but nobody posted wanting a shift taken so I didn’t end up working. It works out for the best because I am working 40+ hours a week at my full-time job and maybe I do want my free time to be able to re-watch season #1 of Jessica Jones.

Play D&D at least once this month. FAIL

My biggest problem with being able to play DnD is finding a group that’s local. I’m a part of one Facebook page, but they usually meet at a game store thirty minutes away and that’s hard to get to on a day of the week. I do want to play DnD more often, but I haven’t found the right group yet.

Read one book & one comic book this month. Success / Fail. 

I did read more comics than books which is my usual. I can read comics a lot faster than books. I read books on my lunch break, but I usually don’t get a full chapter in. Currently, I’m reading Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed. It’s the story adaptation of the movie. When I finish it, I will post a review because Rogue One is my all-time favorite Star Wars movie.

Now onto the goals for the spring month of March:

Increase my Roth IRA deposit from $50 to $100

If you haven’t opened up your own retirement fund, you definitely should. I don’t rely on my employer to save for retirement and I like that I control how much I can put in. Now that I have been working for several months, it’s time to get serious about saving for retirement. I need to contact my Thrivent agent to tell them to bump up my Roth.

Move at least $100 from each paycheck to Savings

I usually always do this with every paycheck. In addition to this, any leftover amount of my previous paycheck also gets moved to savings.

Watch Season #2 of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is my favorite “superhero” from The Defenders. I admire everything she has gone through and she is such a complex character. I hope to see more appearances with Luke Cage and see more of a budding romance again in season #2. I also want to learn more about her past and what happened to her that gave her these incredible powers. Also to see Patsy Walker kick ass too. All the women in this show are really interesting characters.

Catch up on my Comics Pile

I am reading through a new comic I bought called Manhunter from DC Comics, but I have a pile of comics to read including Paper Girls Volume #3, Saga Volume #2, and Moonstruck issues #3-#5. I need to sit down on a Sunday with some coffee and take a couple hours to read my comics.

Unlock all the Achievements in LEGO Marvel Superheroes

This game has been my guilty pleasure. I have been trying to 100% the game to unlock all the extra achievements. It’s taken me a while because I’m not able to play video games all that often anymore. I find this game a nice & fun distraction from the stress of my ordinary life.

That’s all I got! This month there are a lot more financial goals than last month, but they’re still important which is why I included them. I’m looking forward to the Spring weather Minneapolis hopefully has to offer.

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