Kansas City.. My First Air B&B Experience

After writing my Planet Comicon blog post, I wanted to write a brief summary of the Air B&B we stayed at. Prior to my Kansas City trip, I had never used Air B&B before. My friend used it once while she was in Paris and had a great experience with it. She booked our Air B&B for our trip which was rather cheap. Thursday night at 11:30 PM we drove up to our lodging, and we were honestly disappointed.

[Outside of the Air BnB. Photo appears to be at an abandoned warehouse with a gate and a blue tarp in the background]
[Image shows a door to walk through. It looks like the building was partially burned down as the building looks broken down]

The Air B&B was in the middle of a construction/train station area. We were seven minutes outside the city, although we still felt unsafe. Me and my friend debated for a good fifteen minutes on whether or not to get a hotel instead because that’s the vibe we were getting from this place.

[Image shows a long dark hallway with several doors. The end of the hallway is pitch black]

After parking, we walked inside the building. The hallway was extremely long and our room was at the end of it. There was plenty of lighting in the hallway which helped tried to make it feel more “homey”. Me and my friend still felt the inside was creepy and the creaking of the floor didn’t help either. Thankfully I was sharing this room with my friend, but if I was alone I would be scared.

[Image is the room. The door is off to the right. There's a small kitchen and on top of the kitchen is a ladder to the main sleeping area. It felt like a loft]
[Image show s a red brick wall that looks aged and broken down. There's a dresser where a small TV sits. There are several chairs and a small table with flowers on it]

As we walked into our room, it did remind me of the pictures we saw online. The room had an urban feel to it and the bathroom doors were coated in a picture of downtown Kansas City which I thought was kinda cool. The floors, however, were extremely dirty. I had socks on and when I took my socks off, they were black. I’m not expecting five-star service, but I had hoped the place would have been cleaned before we got there.

Our Air B&B offered free WiFi, but it was really slow WiFi. I guess if you are going to pay to have WiFi for your guests, I would assume it would have been somewhat decent.

I will say I am glad we stayed here because it was close to Kansas City so the Uber rides we took were incredibly cheap. I wish we would have done more research when booking the Air B&B because I wouldn’t have stayed there if I had known previously the area where it was located.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind using Air B&B again or I would use a hotel. I want to emphasize how important it is to do your research on where you stay. Type in the address and look at pictures of the outside. Read the detailed reviews especially the negative ones to know what you’re getting into when you pay for the place. My friend did end up leaving a negative review of the place which I completely agreed with. I would love to hear about your experiences with Air B&B in the comments section. Maybe you have had a more positive experience than I had.

12 thoughts on “Kansas City.. My First Air B&B Experience

  1. I’ve never stayed in an airbnb, but next time, if you are interested in saving some money, consider a hostel. You do have to share space, and I don’t think they are as common in the US as they are in Europe, but I stayed in one in Dublin and had a lot of fun. It was also much cheaper than a hotel, but you can still read reviews of locations.


  2. We’ve never used AirBnB ourselves but have considered it. I usually try to book the nearest hotel to the convention that is reasonably cheap and within walking distance. I ended up getting a deal on a Marriot room once using groupon that was literally right around the corner from the convention. We’ve stayed in Holiday Inn’s and Hampton Inn’s which are usually decently priced and really nice.

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  3. Oh my. I’ve never stayed at an AirB&B (always nervous or forget) but this is really blah. That is insane. I’m assuming the online listing looked nothing like it? Any tips on what you’d do differently next time? (:


  4. I’ve only ever had really good experiences with Air Bnb, but I’d definitely be dissapointed if I turned up to a construction site of a building. Such a shame. Hope it fit dampen the rest of your trip too much.


  5. If you ever come to Brighton, the UK, Air B&B is a great solution for Summer. Hotels get sold out very quickly (and they’re very expensive!). So, if you come to the UK, and if you only find super expensive hotels around, consider Air B&B, it can be fun! 🙂


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