Planet Comicon aka. Best Day of My Life

I’m officially back from my blogging hiatus due to my trip to Planet Comicon & lots of work. I have never been to a “bigger” comic convention; most of my cons have been local and no more than 6,000 people attending. Planet Comicon has about 15,000-16,000 on average. Once I got back from Planet Comicon, I had to spend time processing this weekend because guess what? Not only did I meet Jason Momoa, but I also met Matthew Lewis aka. Neville Longbottom. I’m still in shock this happened. I was telling a coworker about meeting Matthew Lewis and I was still red in the face and laughing nervously. Anyway, this post is to gush to you all about how awesome my weekend was and how I’m already planning my next “bigger” convention.

Arriving in Kansas City, me and my friend picked up our passes on Friday for Saturday. I’m glad we did because the line on Saturday to pick up tickets was really long. Immediately entering the convention hall on Saturday I was in awe over all the people. Walking around was difficult as there were huge groups of people walking at different speeds. There were so many creators tabling, artists sketching and multiple props to take pictures with. It was slightly intimidating.

The first place me and my friend stopped at was the celebrity booth to find Jason Momoa. His line was packed with cosplayers, families and other con goers. Me and my friend exchanged nervous glances of whether or not we would actually get our autograph we paid for because that’s how long the line was. While walking around the celebrity booth, we noticed Matthew Lewis doing signings. We both spontaneously decided to wait in his line for an autograph.

To purchase Matthew Lewis’s autograph, we waited for 2 1/2 hours. We were getting antsy because we weren’t moving and I was slightly dehydrated from all the standing. Finally, his line started to move and I was suddenly standing a couple feet from him. I started blushing hard core because Matthew Lewis is hot. Anyway, he said my name in his British accent and asked me how I was and I told him to draw me a Deathly Hallows symbol on my picture of Neville. After receiving my autograph, my hands were shaking and my heart was practically about to explode from my chest. I’m so happy we waited in line for him.

[picture of a wand next to a signed copy of Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter]


After Matthew Lewis we took a break by getting some lunch and walking around the floor. There’s so much shopping you could do! I wish I had purchased a day pass on Sunday so I could have looked at all the comics, books and art creators were selling. Once we got back to the convention, we waited in line for a photo with Matthew Lewis.

Originally, I didn’t want to buy a celebrity photo because I was afraid of the photo looking awkward. I was surprised by the fact that the photo looks really professional. The photo line moved pretty quickly and we were done within 15 minutes. Plus Matthew Lewis put his arms around us and made it look pretty casual. AHHH Matthew Lewis put his arm around me, I won’t forget that. ❤

Matthew Lewis Digital copy.jpg

He put his arms around us! ❤ 

Me and my friend were about to give up on Jason Momoa’s autograph (even though we paid for it, but the line was ridiculously long) when we noticed the line was considerably shorter. We walked up to a lady with a volunteer shirt on who told us to move in the line. We were given mean glances by those waiting in line for an autograph who didn’t pre-purchase it like we did. I wasn’t as nervous with Jason Momoa as I was with Matthew Lewis. I wanted to briefly describe what I said to Jason Momoa while he signed my Aquaman print:

Me: *nervously giggling* I’m so excited for the solo Aquaman movie.

Jason: *pauses* “Hellll yeahhhh. Here take a girl scout cookie.” (He did have thin mints at his table for fans).

Jason gave me his seal of approval for the Aquaman movie with two words. I’m pumped to see it in theaters.

Jason Momoa autograph


After Jason Momoa, me and my friend were exhausted, so we called an uber and changed out of our Hogwarts Student cosplays and had a beer with food. Overall it was one of the best conventions I attended. Usually, I attend smaller conventions, but this one was a nice change of pace. I’m not sure how I would feel attending NYCC or San Diego because I was overwhelmed at the hordes of people all around me. In general, I’m open to attending larger conventions because Planet Comicon was great. Plus I can now say I met Aquaman and Neville Longbottom in real life.






10 thoughts on “Planet Comicon aka. Best Day of My Life

  1. Haha: loved your enthusiastic report for this con. It really sounds like you had an awesome time, and I can really understand how excited you must have been meeting two people you are such a fan of. Great post: and of course welcome back 😀😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad you had an amazing time! And very jealous you got to meet Jason Mamoa – apparently he’s rediculously tall and super nice in real life. He sounds like he was nice. Man I want to meet him!


  3. I love going to local cons but there’s something magical about going to a really big convention! It sounded awesome, I’m glad you got to go!


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