Why I’m glad I hired a Personal Trainer

I don’t usually talk about fitness on this blog, but I did graduate from Winona State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I’m also certified as a Personal Trainer by the ACSM (American College of Sport’s Medicine). In the middle of January I was contacted by a personal trainer at the gym I train at because I had won 3 free personal training sessions. These sessions kicked my ass. Today I used the last session of my 3 free sessions and I decided to hire a virtual coach and unlimited access to group personal training. I wanted to talk about why this was a great decision for me.

This personal trainer taught me how much I wasn’t challenging myself. The workouts he had me do made my body feel more fatigued than I had ever felt on my own. After the workout, I would come home genuinely shaky because my muscles had been pushed to a new level. I realized with my own training, I was stalling out. I did movements I was familiar with which led to my body getting used to my routine. Workouts are meant to challenge the body, that’s how our body adapts and gets stronger.

My biggest challenge with getting to the gym is accountability. Two days a week I work about 12 hours shifts. I get home from work, cook dinner and I’m physically exhausted. I sit on the couch and end up falling asleep early. Instead, I would rather be held accountable to go to the gym and get a workout in. Hiring a trainer allows me to have accountability meaning I’m more likely to go to my gym.

Finally, hiring a trainer helps me be organized in the gym. Some days I walk into the gym and ask myself “what am I going to do today?”. With my trainer, she will write workouts for me and when I walk in the gym, I will know what I will be doing for about 45 minutes. This helps me be more organized and concise during my exercise.

I am more motivated than I have ever been before. I am hoping to tone my muscles (drop my body fat percentage) so my muscles can be visibly seen on my arms, legs etc. I have also been using myfitnesspal again to track calories and I have been considering purchasing some fitness device to start wearing as well. I have been rejuvenated and I’m ready to go kick some serious ass in the gym.

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11 thoughts on “Why I’m glad I hired a Personal Trainer

  1. I love this post! I don’t have a PT but I attend some group classes and having someone push me is something I really need when it comes to my workouts! I’m glad you found it helpful!


  2. Awww I should copy you! I’m not going to the gym now, but I want to go. Going to classes isn’t just enough for me, so I guess I need someone to challenge me. A PT is a great idea, only I haven’t had any before. I guess I should forget being shy.


  3. I’ve just started going to the gym again this month, and I completely agree with you – it’s good to have some accountability. I am the worst at getting home after work and deciding I’m too tired to go exercise, even though getting fit is one of my main goals at the moment, it’s completely ruined by motivation. Aye a personal trainer would be a good idea. I’ve never really contemplated it before but it sounds like they helped you a great deal!


    • The other part about getting fit is being challenge. In order to improve your body, you need to challenge it. My workouts weren’t easy, but they weren’t challenging either. My trainer writes workouts that actually cause me to be sore for a day and that gives me assurance that I’m changing my body for the better.


  4. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve tried some at-home workouts, but they don’t feel like I’m challenging myself as much as a trainer would be. And it would be interesting to be pushed by someone else and have someone lead a work-out in person. I don’t have the money right now but it’s definitely something I want to do sometime.


    • I would highly recommend it! I really enjoy having someone push me more than I would push myself. It’s a lot of money, but it’s an investment. Like I don’t pay for cable TV so instead I use that money to pay for a personal trainer.


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