Athena, my beautiful kitty

Ever since moving into my own apartment in August of 2017, I had bugged the boyfriend about adopting a kitty. I missed having an animal around since both of my kitties I had growing up passed away a year and a half ago. The boyfriend assured me would start “shopping” for a kitty after Christmas since he had to travel to Milwaukee for the holiday. Compatibility was important for us, we wouldn’t adopt a kitty we didn’t believe would be a good fit for us. December 27th we visited Feline Rescue Inc.  which is a volunteer run no-kill shelter specifically for cats. There were multiple rooms with kitties wandering around freely while other kitties sitting in their assigned cages. Athena was in a cage and actually wasn’t able to be adopted right when we fell in love with her. She needed a vet check up first and if all went well, we could adopt her. Athena was loving right away because we would hold our fingers to her cage and she would purr as she rubbed her head against them. We stopped back into the shelter again on Sunday, December 31st to see if she was available and she was! We filled out her adoption paperwork then and picked her up on Wednesday January 3rd! I’m going to share all the cute pictures I took of her.


Athena our new kitty!

This above picture is the first picture I took of her. She was still at Feline Rescue Inc at this point in time. She’s a gorgeous tabby kitty. This is my first time owning a grey tabby; my two other kitties were a calico and an orange kitty.

Athena End Table 2.jpg

Her favorite hiding spots so far are underneath the end table, laying on the floor of my closet onto of my suitcase and in the closet with all of our bath towels.

Sleepy Kitty.jpg

Athena is a pretty needy kitty. She usually greets me when I’m home from work looking for pets. She woke me and the boyfriend up at 4 AM with meows for her breakfast wet cat food. She is currently sitting next to me as I type this sentence. She’s a lap kitty for sure.

Family Photo 2.jpg

I am so happy to have a kitty around. She is comforting when I come home from a long day at work, she brings some energy to the apartment and she’s a stress release for me. If you’re thinking about adopting an animal, try to adopt and not shop. I feel this is easier to do with cats than dogs, but so many animals are looking for a good home. I am so glad I opened our door to this beautiful/needy kitty.

15 thoughts on “Athena, my beautiful kitty

  1. What a gorgeous gal! She looks so loveable! Couldn’t agree more with adopt don’t shop. 🙂 We have two kitties, but are going to try fostering for the first time this year! I’m so excited at the prospect of taking care of kitties while they wait for a forever home. ❤


    • Oh congratulations on fostering! I was considering doing that too, but unfortunately Athena doesn’t do well with other kitties so we just have to spoil her rotten. I would love to try fostering some day though.


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