Firefight Book Review

Firefight Book cover.jpg

Firefight is a rarity in trilogies in the sense that it was better than the first novel Steelheart. The best way I can describe the Steelheart series is if the X-Men existed, but everyone with mutant powers is evil. Steelheart tells the story of David’s revenge on Steelheart while Firefight reveals more about where Epics came from and why they exist.

Firefight takes place immediately after the events of the first book. David Charleston is lost, he spent his entire life preparing for Steelheart’s demise, but when it actually occurs, he doesn’t know what to do now. In the meantime, the Reckoner’s have been hunting Epics coming to Newcago. Prof’s has his suspicions that these epics are being sent to kill the team since all of the epics originated from Babylon Restored (formerly known as Manhatten). Prof, David and Tia go to Babylon to team up with another Reckoner’s cell to fight a common enemy, Regalia who has ultimate power over the seas. Will David be able to stop her from destroying the city?

New characters are introduced to help David battle Regalia. There’s Excel, a former mortician. Val who’s edgy and mysterious and Missouri who’s fun and upbeat. Missouri is my favorite character introduced because she reminds me of me. I’m usually a pretty positive person no matter what the circumstance is and so is she. 

Babylon Restored is such an intricate and beautiful city compared to Newcago. Most of former NYC is under water with the buildings being spray painted in luminous colors. The citizens party into the hours of the night because they don’t know if Regalia will kill them now or later. The atmosphere is very different from Newcago, but I like it way more.

I like Megan and David’s relationship and how it evolved from the first book. Their relationship is much more complicated in this book and I don’t want to say why because that would be a huge spoiler. 

Regalia’s final plan was not what I was expecting. I don’t want to detail the plan, but I promise all readers will be surprised. Also there’s a secret with Regalia and who she actually is. 

This book gave me the feels and I can’t wait to read Calamity.

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