The Punisher

If a new Marvel TV show is released on Netflix, I will watch it within the week.  Daredevil blew me away with the inner battle between Daredevil & Wilson Fisk. The Punisher was officially introduced in the second season of Daredevil and Jon Bernthal blew me away with his performance of the character. One scene in season #2 I always think back to is when the Punisher is at a pawn shop when the owner acknowledges to him he’s selling child pornography. The Punisher barely bats an eye as he walks back to the owner and seals his fate. This is realistic to The Punisher as a character because of how he uses violence to achieve justice. The Punisher season #1 is addicting, thrilling, and at times hard to watch.

The Punisher is probably the most violent graphic show Marvel has to offer. Frank is often severely beaten in some episodes along with a video being shown of a man being tortured. If violence is something that provokes you or prompts any memories you may have, I do not recommend watching this and instead quickly scrolling through Wikipedia for a summary of the show.

The Punisher begins with Frank Castle attempting to live a normal life. He’s contacted by a supercomputer hacker named Micro who believes there is a conspiracy involving the murder of Frank’s family. This first season details Frank’s struggle with PTSD in losing his family and also trying to move forward.

At first, I thought the first couple of episodes were a little bit slow. I did find by episode 3 or 4, I was more likely to watch the rest of the season. I also found 13 episodes seemed a little long. I would have been fine with 8 or 10 and I think it could have still effectively told the story.

I am so glad Karen Page is included in this first season. I like how Marvel turned her into a character that fights for the truth and she’s often seen defending the Punisher. My only wish is that she had a bigger role in the plot of the show.

I’m curious to know all of your thoughts on this first season. I’m interested in having the Punisher cross over into Daredevil or Jessica Jones because I think Jon Bernthal does a great job at accurately bringing the comic book character to life.

9 thoughts on “The Punisher

  1. I’m still in the middle of Iron Fist, and after that I want to watch Defenders. Next up is of course The Punisher. I’m really looking forward to this one. I absolutely loved John Bernthal’s performance in Daredevil. He simply is the best Punisher ever. Great post, glad to see you enjoyed the show 😀


  2. I just finished Season 1 last night actually. Im with you after the 3rd Episode the show really goes uptempo and doesnt stop till the last episode. It to me is the most complete Marvel\Netflix series. To explain I felt like it offered the most tortured and complex “Hero” yet. Even though most folks know the story of the Punisher, I feel like this shined new light on Frank Castle and made him a much more complex character.The Supporting cast I genuinely cared for and thought were pretty well fleshed out, with the Exception of Jessica. Agent Madonie was probably my favorite.This was easily the most raw and graphic Netflix series, especially the last three episodes. And Im glad that they chose to do 13 episode with all that they packed in.


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