Steelheart Book Review


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Yay I’m finally writing a book review! I used to write book reviews quite frequently on this blog, but somehow I have gotten away from that. I think it’s because I’m finishing books at a slower rate due to my chaotic work week. Normally, I never do re-reads of books, but I made an exception with the Steelheart series by Brandon Sanderson. This series is one of my all time favorite sci-fi trilogies! Six months ago, I bought the last book in the Steelheart series titled Calamity. It was collecting dust on my bookshelf which led me to just re-read the series once again to be more in the mood to finish Calamity. If you haven’t touched this book series yet, you are missing out on one epic sci-fi adventure.

Imagine a world where X-Men exist, but they are evil. In Steelheart, the mutants are called Epics born out of the rise of a bright orange star called Calamity. Once this star rose into the night sky, humans were given powers. David Charleston as a young boy witnesses his father murdered by a high epic known as Steelheart. Every epic has a weakness which can be used to destroy them. Steelheart’s weakness is unknown which makes him more powerful. David ultimately joins the Reckoner’s, a group of humans who’s ultimate goal is to end the epics and encourage the human race to fight back. This book details David’s taste of revenge to burn Steelheart along with him working alongside the Reckoner’s.

David as a character is just a cute, nerdy kid. He’s incredibly smart with detecting the weakness of epics. He’s also fearless; he puts his life on the line multiple times to get more information or to save a team member. Steelheart is absolutely brutal in his rule over the city of New Cago aka. Chicago. He’s the ultimate foe and it’s so satisfying to read about David and Steelheart’s showdown in the last couple chapters of the book.

Besides David, the Reckoner’s team are great side characters. Megan is the “attractive”, but bad ass character. Tia is the genius who constantly is chugging coca-cola. Prof is stoic, cold yet caring. Abraham is the weapons expert while Cody brings the humor with a mix of a Scottish / Southern acccent.

There are multiple twists in this book I didn’t see coming. Re-reading the book was more enjoyable this time because I could pick up certain clues to lead to the twist at the end. I’m not going to spoil anything because it’s worth reading about for the first time.

Steelheart blew me away with it’s story, setting and character development. This series is great for any comic book fan because I felt a lot of correlation between the X-Men comic book characters. Now, onto re-reading Firefight. 

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