Ode To RiverQuest

It’s been six months since I graduated from college and there are times I miss being a student. Having Sunday relaxing days while I study for an exam or getting coffee and walking around town. One college memory that has stayed with me is my gaming marathons at my college game store River Quest Games. Unfortunately, I was alerted by a Facebook status that River Quest would be closing their doors permanently and hearing this news left me shocked and disheartened. I wanted to reflect on how much River Quest meant to me.

Facebook post stating River Quest games is closing

Photo taken from River Quest Games Facebook Page

I started attending River Quest two years ago after my best friend got a job there. I was pleasantly surprised by all the employees who were nice and relaxed. The owner does a great job at creating an accepting environment for all gamers. I also learned how to play Star Wars Destiny at a pre-release event River Quest hosted.

Three dice lined next to each other. Two dice say RQ Games

Souvenir dice from River Quest! Photo taken by me.

As a broke college student, I never felt pressure to buy anything. I wish I could have supported River Quest more, but going to college is expensive and I was often living paycheck to paycheck. I drove to River Quest two weeks ago and I was surprised by how dead it was in the store. It made me sad to see that there were less people gaming.

I’m thankful for Riverquest and how I could hang out with friends, play Magic or the occasional board game and unwind after a tough week. One message I want to reiterate is to support your local game store! I wish I could have supported River Quest more to prevent them from closing their doors. Local gaming stores need your business. Plenty of customers will buy from Amazon or Target, but to get the absolute best customer service, it’s best to shop local.



3 thoughts on “Ode To RiverQuest

  1. This was so nice to read. I want you to know that every thing you did supported River Quest!

    If it wasn’t for RQ, I never would have met you or so many other people that impacted my life in a way words will never describe.

    RQ closing is not a loss, but the end of good book. The characters will live on and the story will continue off the pages…

    Thank you BB!!



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