Finally, a Female Doctor

I discovered Doctor Who in the summer of 2014 when I was bored at my house. I first knew of Doctor Who when I went to a convention and a Dalek was rolling around the floor of the con. My first reaction was what the hell is that robot with huge 3D polka dots on it. I got hooked on Christopher Eccleston’s sass and ever since then I have called myself a fan of Doctor Who. However, once Matt Smith left the role, I felt disconnected from the fandom because Peter Capaldi didn’t charm me as the other doctors had. In my excitement of this announcement, I wanted to talk about some of my most memorable moments of Doctor Who. 

My Doctor:


Image from BBC

Nine introduced me to the series and I appreciated the chemistry that him and Rose had throughout his whole run of Doctor Who.

Favorite Creature:

Whovian Con 2015

The Adipose is my favorite creature in Doctor Who! This episode is fun to watch because it relates to my major and the Doctor comes back to meet with Donna. I always wished I lived in a world where gyms would have adipose collecting sites and adipose would pop off every time you burned a pound of fat. My stuffed adipose is the cutest piece of Doctor Who merchandise I own.

Creature I Fear the Most:

Weeping Angel

Image from BBC

Weeping Angels are the scariest creatures in Doctor Who because even though they don’t physically harm you necessarily, transporting you back in time away from your family is a hard thing to endure.

Favorite Doctor Who Character who was also in the Harry Potter Franchise:

Arthur Weasley

Image from Radio Times

No I wasn’t going to say David Tennent, that would be way too easy. I enjoyed seeing Arthur Weasley play Rory’s dad.

Favorite Color of Dalek:


Episode that Made Me Cry Ugly Tears:

Doomsday, Blink and Angels in Manhattan all made me use many Kleenex throughout their entire episodes.

Doctor Who Cosplay Inspiration:

I want to cosplay Amy Pond with the red plaid shirt and tally marks from the Silence because that would be easy to do. I also would love to do a female 11 cosplay with the blazer and a tight black skirt.

I cannot wait for Jodie Wittaker to take over the franchise because the Doctor can be anyone including a female. It offends me that many men are upset because of a female being the Doctor, yet if they can’t accept it than I don’t want them to watch the series anyway.


13 thoughts on “Finally, a Female Doctor

  1. I love that 9 is your doctor! He’s my husband’s favorite as well. (I switch between 9 and 10 mostly) You should totally do the Amy Pond, red plaid, cosplay. I’ve done it and through out the Halloween party I wore it to, I kept adding tally marks to my arms and then acted surprised to see them…so silly. XD


  2. I heard the news this morning, but what I really thought was absolutely crazy, was the complete outrage about the fact that a woman was now chosen to play the doctor. People are already condemning this, and saying this will be the end of the show altogether. I have to say….why? People haven’t even seen this yet, how do you know? It surprises me that there are so many narrowminded people out there. I am not a huge fan of Doctor Who, but I do like the show. Having a woman play the doctor now, just makes for a really refreshing change 😊


      • Lol 😂Okay bye is pretty much the right response. The fun thing I always think when I read reactions to news like this is how do people even know this will be horrible? Nobody has seen a single scene from this one yet. And I really think it is a very cool concept to finally have a woman playing this iconic role. Can’t wait to see how this will turn out: I really look forward to this 😊

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  3. Seeing that the newest regeneration is a female may actually be the motivation I need to catch up. I am woefully behind – I haven’t started with Capaldi’s seasons yet!!


  4. Love this list! Nine is such an amazing Doctor. I came into the series with Ten, so he’s my favorite. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor didn’t charm me either. He came across as cruel and cold to Clara in the first season, and I kinda forgot about the second/third year he was Doctor. I’d like to go back rewatch those to prepare for Jodie though! 😀


  5. I must have missed this post…A Doctor Who, such a good concept for a TV series (and the few books I read as a kid were pretty great too). I have to say my favourite Doctors were Sylvester McCoy and Tom Baker, though the more recent ones were good too. Sylvester McCoy because he was like the Batman of Dr Who – every story he was in was happening by his design, if I recall. Though they never quite turned out his way, as he wasn’t infallible, however I just kinda liked that the plot of his Dalek story was he lured them to London to wipe them out. Tom Baker I liked because of the crazy eyes. I have to say I liked the Peter Capaldi Doctor, but was a bit disenchanted with the writing. He was interesting, particularly in his first series where he was moralising over good and evil, but his stories were really poor. So, consequently, I missed the last series. I feel I should try and track it down so I can watch the next series as I am curious about Jodie Whittaker, but I suspect I would lose something in translation if I don’t know what went before. As ever, great post


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