Blizzard World Comic Con 2017

This was certainly an unplanned eleven-day writing hiatus. My work schedule was chaotic and all I have been doing after work was finishing The Following on Netflix while reading books and various comics. After a relaxing weekend home I come prepared to write about a smaller local convention I attended: Blizzard World Comic Con 2017. 

Blizzard World Comic Con is a convention that offers up tables for super cheap. Artists can display their newly printed comics, art prints, and cute toys without spending a lot of money. Unlike other conventions that have panels and activities, Blizzard World is a con where you spend money. I had my budget as to how much I could spend and I was determined to spread that money across as many artists as I possibly could. I only ended up spending about $30 and I went home with a couple of comics and a cool sticker that I placed in my planner.

As for my first time being at this con, I liked it. It was small so I felt that I could actually talk with each artist at the booths. I could learn what inspires them to create art or detailed stories. This helped me make purchases that I felt really proud of. I will say that I only stayed for about 45 minutes because I spent my money quickly, so I wish Blizzard World offered more activities besides walking around the booths. Otherwise, I can definitely say that I will be back again next year.

The last part of this post is to detail what I bought because that’s always the fun part about attending conventions.

[Image features a comic titled "Little Peej and Spencer: The Amazing Time Traveling Toy Rescue by Phil Juliano". To the bottom left, there's a cartoon image of Velma from Scooby Doo cleaning her glasses."
Phil Juliano’s book and Velma print.

This book I ended up purchasing this not at Blizzard World, but through a GoFundMe page initiated by Phil Juliano. He ended up saving me this Velma print and isn’t it so cute?!

[Image shows a woman holding a book. The cover states "Wolf of the Tesseract by Christopher D Schmitz. The cover features a wolf as a backdrop with a woman wearing a red cloak underneath.
Book Written by Christopher D Schmitz. 

I stopped by Christopher D Schmitz’s table while at Blizzard World. He was describing his book, Wolf of The Tesseract which he stated had references to Cthulhu and other elements of HP Lovecraft’s stories.

Hopefully, I will keep a regular blogging routine as I really don’t like to go almost two weeks without writing. I can’t make any promises, but I do have some ideas about posts in the coming days. I wish everyone a good start to the week!

8 thoughts on “Blizzard World Comic Con 2017

  1. That looks like such a fun time! I’m off to a weekend con at the end of the month and I’m dreading the amount of books I’ll see and want to buy. I don’t need more books either, but I’m a massive bookworm and funds are low so I need to be picky!


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