The Following (2013)

[Image shows a promo image from the TV show The Following. It shows The Following along with two actor names: Kevin Bacon James Purefoy. The image is of Kevin Bacon and an overlay of James Purefoy.]

I used to watch more movies than TV shows. Moving to college I found that my free time was cut into shorter chunks of time. I had plenty of time in that time slot for a 40-minute episode. I’m always looking for a new show to watch and thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, I have access to quality content. The Following sparked my interest because when the first season aired, I heard it was a thrilling show with dark characters. I gave it a watch on Netflix and soon enough the first season was finished. Yesterday, I watched the last episode of season three which was the series finale since The Following was canceled. I liked the show, so I’m sad to see that the show wasn’t renewed.

The Following opens with Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) a famed FBI agent pouring vodka into his flask. He arrested literature professor Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy) for killing numerous young college women. He had been killing for some time, but Ryan was the only one who found out about his secret. Joe sees Ryan as his equal, someone who has the intelligence to keep up with his games. Joe doesn’t stay in prison for long and it’s revealed that he escapes, but has a league of followers who will kill for him. The first season revolves around Ryan trying to capture Joe’s cult members and stop Joe from committing more heinous crimes.

The relationship that Ryan and Joe have is what makes the Following a hit series. They have great chemistry together in their respective episodes. Season one goes by quick because every episode leaves off on a cliffhanger. Season two focused less on Joe, but on a new cult leader with her adopted children, although Joe appears in the season quite frequently, he isn’t the main character. I do like the introduction of Max Hardy (played by Jessica Stroup), Ryan’s niece as a new protagonist in the show. Season three was my least favorite of all the seasons. Joe doesn’t take front and center, and there’s this group led by someone named Eliza. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish because the series ended.

It’s unfortunate that The Following was canceled, but after watching season three, I can respect why it was. If you enjoy FBI dramas/detective shows and want something that’s exciting to watch, The Following should go on your list.

6 thoughts on “The Following (2013)

  1. I really enjoyed the first series of the Following, it was fast paced and as you say, the chemistry was fantastic. I found that lacking in 2 and never made it past episode 3. I was a wee bit disappointed in S1 that Shawn Ashmore’s character wasn’t part of the cult. I actually thought he would have made a good Roderick.


  2. Season 1 was definitely entertaining, though I did get super frustrated with this show and never ended up finished it! Have you watched The Fall (another serial killer/cop drama with Gillian Anderson)? It’s AMAZING. Kind of slow, but in a moody way that I like haha.


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