This is Our Story aka. Best Book of 2017

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My bibliophile confession of the day is I am a leisurely reader. I prefer to read two or three chapters before bed versus finishing the book in one day. However, there are a couple books that I spent hours finishing because I simply cannot stop reading. Last weekend I power read through This is Our Story by Ashley Elston and without a doubt this book is my favorite book of 2017.

Five Boys Went Hunting . . . Four Came Back. 

Four privileged high school students surround the body of their dear, dead friend Grant. Henry, Logan, Shep and John Michael made a vow that day to not reveal the name of the boy who pulled the trigger. Kate Marino is the intern at the smaller district attorney’s office and gets assigned to the case. The River Point boys as they are called all tested positive for either drugs or alcohol in their system at the time of the shooting. This begs the question if Grant’s death is the result of a drunk kid accidentally firing a rifle or is there an ulterior motive behind the shooting?

Curiously, Ashley Elston gives each of the four boys a motive behind wanting Grant dead. I unfortunately cannot talk about these motives without spoiling the story. I never really knew who committed the crime until I skimmed the last twenty pages. I became too impatient so I read until I found out the truth.

Before I get into the spoilers I just want to make a note of the cover because the cover attracted me to the book in the first place. The white deer head is frightning especially because I’m not a hunger by any means. The shadows on the cover suggest secrecy which is a definite theme in this book.

I included spoilers at the bottom of this post so there can be a book discussion in the comments, but I highly recommend reading the book first. This is Our Story is daring, thought-provoking and riveting and should be bumped to the top of your book pile.


*Seriously spoilers. . .*

I’m not saying Grant deserved to die, but he did some really messed up shit in this book. Taking pictures of naked women who were drugged and sharing it on social media? The more I found out about Grant the more I truly despised him. Some of his contacts were even labeled “booty call #1” and “booty call #3”. He is not a good person and I find it challenging to feel sorry that he’s dead.

As I said above each of the four boys in the group had motive for wanting to kill Grant. Henry wanted to kill Grant for taking that awful picture, Shep wanted to kill Grant because of how he messed with Kate, Logan was involved with gambling with Grant and didn’t have the money to pay off the debt and John Michael wanted Grant dead for blackmailing his father. This was good character development and story telling on Elston’s part.

Also I 100% ship Kate and Shep together! They’re adorable together and it’s great to see that Shep is the exact opposite of Grant. He’s caring, intelligent and adorkable with the way he draws pictures and gives them to Kate. As of right now they are probably my favorite book couple of 2017.

*End of Spoilers*


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