This is Our Story aka. Best Book of 2017

[Image features a book cover. The book cover features a mounted white stag that looks really creepy. Some of the text is white, some is dark blue. Book cover says "This is Our Story Ashley Elston".

My bibliophile confession of the day is I am a leisurely reader. I prefer to read two or three chapters before bed versus finishing a book in one day. However, there are a couple books that I spent hours finishing because I simply cannot stop reading. Last weekend I power-read through This is Our Story by Ashley Elston and without a doubt, this book is on my list of being one of the best books I read in 2017.

Five Boys Went Hunting . . . Four Came Back. 

Four privileged high school students surround the body of their dear, dead friend Grant. Henry, Logan, Shep, and John Michael made a vow that day to not reveal the name of the boy who pulled the trigger. Kate Marino is the intern at the smaller district attorney’s office and gets assigned to the case. The River Point boys as they are called all tested positive for either drugs or alcohol in their system at the time of the shooting. This begs the question as to whether Grant’s death is the result of a drunk kid accidentally firing a rifle or was there an alternative motive behind the shooting?

Curiously, Ashley Elston gives each of the four boys a motive behind wanting Grant dead. I unfortunately cannot talk about these motives without spoiling the story. I never knew who committed the crime until I skimmed the last twenty pages. I became too impatient so I read until I found out the truth.

This is Our Story was such a good Young Adult thriller.


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