Testing your Sanity in the Call of Cthulhu Game Trailer

Arkham Horror is the game that brought me into tabletop gaming. Based off of H.P Lovecraft’s horror stories, the game has its own world of shops and characters to learn from. Lovecraft’s stories often focus on the fear of the unknown which often included weird entities that once seen took away your sanity. Cthulhu is one such creature that is the most popular from his stories possibly because of his gigantic size and fearsome appearance. Focus Home Interactive is creating a game based on Lovecraft’s New England world with a probable appearance of Cthulhu. I watched the new trailer yesterday and I’m pumped. You can watch the trailer yourself down below.

“Mr. Pierce, have you questioned your own sanity? Maybe you should!”

I’m not usually into horror games, but this one appeals to me. I think what makes H.P. Lovecraft’s stories stand the test of time is how he appeals to the quest for knowledge that humans naturally have. Mr. Pierce is only trying to discover what is happening to these people and why they have dreams from under the sea.

There is no release date as of yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting to play it and to be scared of the all-mighty Cthulhu.

12 thoughts on “Testing your Sanity in the Call of Cthulhu Game Trailer

  1. Arkham Horror is a good choice, if a tad intense for your intro to boardgames. Adverts for this videogame pop up on facebook all the time for me, but I haven’t watched any recently. I am quite excited for it, as it looks pretty amazing.


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