My Quests for 2017

I detest New Year’s resolutions so, I thought that instead of writing about resolutions I wanted to write about quests to pursue in this bright new year.

Quest – noun a search or exploration.

Doesn’t that sound more fun? This whole “new year new me” is a bunch of nonsense. I love how my body looks and feels and I don’t want to change that for anyone else and the standards that society upholds. Here are the quests that I want to participate in 2017:

Buy More Cruelty Free Makeup. 

Kat Von D.png

As a consumer, I started to be more attentive to what I’m purchasing. I want to invest in beauty products that are ethical. I don’t want to buy a product that may have hurt an animal during the production. At least with drinking milk or eating eggs, my body has a benefit from those nutrients. Makeup lifts my self esteem some days, but it’s not worth it to buy a product that may have hurt animals before arriving on the shelf. I’m currently looking at Kat Von D mascara as a possible replacement for my other brand.

More HIIT Workouts

HIIT aka. High Intensity Interval Training. I just did a HIIT workout yesterday and my muscles are tender. HIIT is something I don’t do often, but I’m enjoying the higher energy and feeling sweaty after I complete my workout. I want my body to adapt and get stronger and I think HIIT can do that for me.

Drink more Tea 

I’m enjoying a sweet tangerine tea along with my sleepy time Vanilla tea for when I get a tad sleepy while reading my book at night. Tea is my go to at night because it’s not sugary like hot chocolate is, but it’s still warm and flavorful.

Finally: Read more comics, read more books, game when I can and be thankful for the moments I’m on this planet. 



11 thoughts on “My Quests for 2017

  1. Love these quests! I too have made a commitment to only but cruelty free beauty products this year as well! If you haven’t, check out the site Cruelty-Free Kitty – they have really comprehensive lists of cruelty-free brands, and even break them down by category (like drug store brands, etc)


  2. Love it M-Dawg. I’m with you, “new year new me” is silly. You can change at any time! A quest of mine is also to do more HIIT & to continue to appreciate the little things life has to offer. πŸ™‚

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