Comic Christmas List

November is slowing coming to an end and I’m about half way done with Christmas shopping. I don’t usually create a Christmas list because as I grow older I realize I’m fortunate to have my family, friends and my cat to keep me happy and that’s really all I need. However, I always desire new books and comic books to read to help me fall asleep at night. Here is my ongoing Comics Christmas List:

Nail Biter Volume 2 Bloody Hands 

Nail Biter Volume 2.jpg

I reviewed Nail Biter way back in summer but it’s my favorite graphic novel I have read this year. I love the horror/gothic aspect to it and the first volume left a cliffhanger which I love and hate because I have no idea what’s going on.

Sex Criminals Volume Three The Hard Way 

Sex Criminals Volume 3.png

This sex positive comic series is also one of my favorites. It’s so weird and funky, but I really enjoy it.

Mind Wave Comics 


Mind Wave Comics is a local comic company in the Twin Cities where I’m from. I heard about them from an episode of Panels & Pizza, a podcast I listen to. They have comics about a superhero titled Wonderboy, Bolt and Totem, a Native American hero. Representation is really important in comics, so I’ll have to pick up Totem for sure.

Diet Land by Sarai Walker 

Diet Land.jpg

This isn’t a comic book, but I like the premise of the story. From reviews, it seems like it talks about our beauty standards that the media sets and portrays body positive emotions. Our bodies are awesome and are capable of amazing chemical reactions that keep us breathing. We should celebrate our bodies various shapes and sizes. This has been on my goodreads list for a while so I hope I will finally pick it up soon.

This is Our Story by Ashley Elston 

This is Our Story.jpg

Initially, Kristen from Super Space Chick wrote about this book as something she was waiting to read. I read the premise and immediately added it to my shelf on good reads. The cover creeps me out and probably conveys the creepiness of the story. I can’t wait to read this one.

What is on your to be read list? I love book recommendations also find me on goodreads! Bizarre Brunette Good Reads

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